Digital Marketing Gets Even Bigger in 2015

The strong shift to digital marketing will continue in 2015. If you are not yet on board, it really is time to hop on!!

As grepsr (a “Web Crawling service

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ClickFox’s 2013 Brand Loyalty Survey

ClickFox, a firm specializing in the analysis of customer experiences, recently released the results of its 2013 brand loyalty survey.

Here is an infographic from ClickFox.


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Advertisers Get Ready for the Super Bowl

Sunday’s a big day. And not just for football! It’s also the Super Bowl of Advertising. As you can see from the chart below, companies spent $262.5 million just for

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A Look at the Global Economy in 2013

Knowledge@Wharton has just released an 88-page publication,  The Lauder Global Business Insight Report 2013: Building Blocks for the Global Economy.

These are the topics covered in the report: “The

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