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Social Media Video Marketing

7 Feb

Social media video marketing continues growing at a very fast rate. As a result, many social media users watch videos on a regular basis.

Take a look at these posts on social videos:


Social Media Video Marketing

For today’s post, let us examine three good sources of information on social media video marketing.



According to eMarketer:

“Marketers simply cannot afford to ignore video advertising. Thus, eMarketer predicts that video ad spending in the U.S. alone will reach $15.42 billion this year. And it will grow to $22.18 billion by 2021. New research from artificial intelligence-powered video creation service Wibbitz provides some insight into which social media platforms video advertisers should be paying attention to—and it’s pretty much what you would expect.”

YouTube/Vimeo and Facebook are the runaway leaders for viewer participation. To read more, click on the chart.

Social Media Video Marketing

Small Business Trends

According to Small Business Trends:

“So what is the right type of video? According to the infographic, hard-sell videos don’t work. Explainer, testimonial, demonstration, and personalized videos have greater success. Seven in 10 people stated they saw content that is interesting from a particular brand in a more positive light.”

“Once you know what type of videos to create, it should be the right length. If the video is too long, the chances of losing your audience increases. Under three minutes seems to be the sweet spot. When it comes to choosing the social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, each platform has its pros and cons. This will depend on the type of business you have and the demographic you want to reach, according to the data shared by Filmora Wondershare.”

To read more, click the infographic.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Icons Photo via Shutterstock


BI Intelligence

According to BI Intelligence, despite its popularity, YouTube is not perceived as trustworthy. And this is why:

“The social platform that finished dead last did so because of its abusive comments section and annoying ads. Still, this hasn’t dissuaded people from visiting, as evidenced by the time spent monthly and massive user base. This platform also resonates more with older generations.”

To read more, click on the chart.

Social Media Video Marketing

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising

6 Feb

Today, we conclude our three-part series on the 2018 Super Bowl. On Sunday, we looked at a number of 2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts. Yesterday, we watched Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads. Now, we look at three sources rating Super Bowl LII advertising .

If you want to easily access all Super Bowl LII ads, click here. AND, if you want to see past Super Bowl ads, click here. At that site is Ad Age‘s Super Bowl archive.

Unfortunately for advertisers, early ratings show that viewership for Super LII was the lowest since 2009. At $5 million per 30-second ad during the game, this is disappointing. Even with the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever!


Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising

In general, how good were this year’s Super Bowl ads? To Evans on Marketing, this did not seem like an overly distinguished group of ads. Boring and copy cat came to mind. But yes, we did think there were a few standouts.

And we’re not alone in our overall rating. As one ad industry  expert noted for the NY Times:

“’It’s really a pretty lame year,’ said Marianne Malina, president of the agency GSD&M in Austin, Tex. ‘When the TV promos for the Olympics and ‘The Voice,’ and the N.F.L. — and Justin Timberlake — overshadow a lot, that says everything.’”

That said, here are the five best ads. According to three different sources.


USA Ad Meter

In USA Today’s annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, online volunteers rate ads on a score of 1 to 10. Viewers must watch all of the ads for their votes to count.

According to USA Today, the top five ads were:

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- USA Today

Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Rank

As described by Ad Age:For the inaugural Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Rank With Morning Consult, a survey was conducted online among 3,956 respondents in the advertising and marketing industry. And each ad was rated between 1 to 10 on effectiveness and entertainment.”

According to Ad Age, these 5 ads ranked best:

  1. Amazon — Alexa Loses Her Voice
  2. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad
  3. Tourism Australia — Dundee
  4. NFL — Touchdown Celebrations to Come
  5. Budweiser — Stand By You

To view the full Ad Age ranking, click on the image from the Alexa ad.

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- Ad Age


Variety’s Super Bowl Ad Ranking

Varietyis [a] premier source of entertainment news. Since 1905, the most influential leaders in the industry have turned to Variety for timely, credible, and straightforward news and analysis — information vital to their professions.”

According to Variety, these 5 ads ranked best:

  1. Amazon — Alexa Loses Her Voice
  2. Doritos Mountain Dew — DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE
  3. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad
  4. Tourism Australia — Dundee
  5. NFL — Touchdown Celebrations to Come

To view the full Variety ranking, click on the image from the NFL ad.

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- Variety


Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It

1 Feb

Behind the scenes Nike just does It. And this is a truly iconic brand. Nike really gets the value and nature of great marketing.

And we demonstrate this here: Greatest All-Time Brand Logos. Brands That Millennials Love. Personalized Marketing’s Future Looks Engaging: Tips. Competitive Advantage Via Animated Logos.

As Nike’s Web site notes:


“NIKE, Inc. fosters a culture of invention. We create products, services and experiences for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation. Sustainable innovation is a catalyst to revolutionize the way we do business. And an opportunity integrated across our business in policies, processes, and products. We use innovating solutions that benefit athletes, the company, and the world.”

Now, check out Nike’s video on equality:

“Listen. These are the voices of our athletes taking the platform their sport has given them. And using it to better the communities they represent. When athletes speak up to inspire all of us to act. To inspire all of us to get involved. And to inspire all of us to create change. Thus, we want to make sure that their voices – and every voice – are heard every time. So. listen. Because equality isn’t a game. But achieving it will be the greatest victory. After all, that’s why we commit to fighting for change until we all win.”

And finally, click the image to visit Nike’s main consumer Web site.

Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It


Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It

As 16Best.net notes:

“When Phil Knight wrote one of his college papers when he decided to start his own shoe company. In half of a century, his initiative turned into the world’s biggest athletic footwear, apparel, accessories, and equipment selling company. Find out the most interesting facts and stats about Nike in the infographic below.”

Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It

Free Online Salary Surveys

16 Jan

As we have noted before realistic salary data are available. With the Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides, we can review data for different stages of our careers. Now, we look at free online salary surveys from PayScale.


Free Online Salary Surveys

So, how about getting salary information tailored to us? If you answer yes, read on for free online salary surveys.

At PayScale’s salary survey Web site, there are three survey options:

  • Survey option 1, Current Job. “Let’s start building your report with the basics. Such as your job title, location, and experience. As of now, PayScale has collected salary and career data from 54+ million people, covering 16,000 unique job titles.”
  • Survey option 2, Job Offer. “Congratulations! You’ve been offered a job. Now, we’ll help you compare the offer to what you’re actually worth in the job market.”
  • Survey option 3, Just Exploring. This option emulates the “Current Job” survey.

Click the image to visit the salary survey site. Then, choose your survey option. And answer the questions. Then, see the results. You can take all of the surveys multiple times. How? Just modify your inputs.

Free Online Salary Surveys from PayScale

PayScale Salary Data for Employers

In addition to providing salary information, PayScale works with employers:

“Compensation, communication, and company culture are linked. With our cloud compensation management software, employers have their finger on the pulse of their talent markets. And that transforms the once dark art of compensation into a data-driven science.”

“Are you are a people manager at a small business or a compensation professional at a Fortune 500 firm, employee compensation strategy is part of your firm’s bottom line and success. Give us a few details and we’ll serve up solutions and content relevant to your comp situation.”

Here is an employer example.

Finally, PayScale offers an Insight Lab for employers, as the chart shows.

Free Online Salary Surveys for Employers

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