Cybercrime Rages On – and On

Despite the best efforts of companies and government, cybercrime rages on – and on – and on. Let’s see how bad it is currently.

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United States Is Lagging in Global Innovativeness

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), in 2018, the United States led in global competitiveness. For 2019, the U.S. was number two (behind only Singapore). Due

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Proactive New Strategy for Customer Returns

Yesterday, we highlighted some of the customer returns policies that most annoy shoppers. Now, we examine a proactive new strategy for customer returns.


No-Return Returns: Proactive New Strategy for

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Online Customer Returns Are Still Too Hard

Over the years, we have written many times about customer returns issues. Since the start of the pandemic one year ago, the supply chain has faced a tough time. In

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Inbound Versus Outbound Lead Generation Marketing

On many occasions, we discussed various aspects of strategic marketing. But, we never covered inbound versus outbound lead generation marketing. Today, that changes.



To begin, we need a

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