How and Why We Are Tracked Online

Over the years, we have written about privacy issues roughly 400 times. As we continue noting, things keep getting worse. Not better. Thus, we look at how and why

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2021 Web Design Trends and Data

Because of its importance to marketers, we have an entire category on Learning How to Blog, Design Web Sites, and Innovate with Mobile Media. With more than 150 posts.

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Using Coursera to Improve Your Career Skills

Last year, we reported on a number of Free Online Marketing Courses. Including highlights of offerings from Coursera. Now, we look in-depth at using Coursera to improve your career

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Security Issues with Texting

Recently, we have written a lot about how to avoid scams. Nonetheless, many people are not fully aware of the security issues with texting. Unfortunately, scams abound.

For three examples

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Areas of Google Strength and Weakness

Yesterday, we offered a lengthy discussion of the new antitrust suit filed against Google.Today, we examine the areas of Google strength and weakness. 


Understanding the Areas of

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