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Key 2018 Influencer Marketing Trends

6 Dec

As we have noted: A popular new concept is “influencer marketing.” What is it? And how should it be used? This post deals with 2018 influencer marketing trends.


What Is Influencer Marketing”

According to Evans on Marketing: “Influencer marketing is a BIG deal. With it, we target well-known individuals. Their effect on the purchase decision is high for some consumers (followers).”

Consider these remarks from the CEO of TopRank Marketing:

What does ‘influencer marketing’ mean you? Do you think of celebrities with product photos on Instagram? Or having a famous YouTuber run a contest? Why not send products to bloggers? And hope they do a nice review? Surely that’s not all marketers want from influencer relationships.”

“Think of brands working with or paying influential people to create content. And how that lifts brand credibility and reach.”

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Key 2018 Influencer Marketing Trends

Now, we review 2018 influencer marketing trends.

As Vivian Michaels observes for TNW:

“The popularity of influencer marketing rose 90x from 2013 to 2016. And it doubled the first nine months of 2017. Reasons range from their versatility (for all businesses) to their noninvasive nature. Because of this, we need to study trends.”

Thus, Michaels identities seven key 2018 trends:

  1. Value of services to increase. Influencers are sought-after on social media. Witness the rise of accounts with thousands of followers. At the same time, more firms will use influencer marketing. Thus, demand for social media personalities increases the their service value.”
  2. KPI and ROI measuring vital. With high demands on influencer campaigns, we want to measure key performance indicators (KPI) and return on investment (ROI). Thus, we expect new software and marketing platforms.”
  3. The year of integration. 2018 will see brands combine different influencer types. Each group reaches a specific target. And that reaches more people.”
  4. Video marketing critical for online audience. Video reduces me-too messages. And it is engaging.”
  5. Lawsuits against brands and influencers. Influencers and brands are careful. Yet, in 2018 we expect lawsuits to grow.”
  6. ‘Fake’ influencers with bought followers. “For little cost, a social media user gets thousands of followers. They have a big fan base. But, they buy them.”
  7. Instagram to surpass one billion users. Instagram is popular. in 2018, its influencer marketing will rise.”


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Key 2018 Influencer Marketing Trends. Seven to Consider.

Singles’ Day 2017 Will Set New Records

10 Nov

If you live in the U.S. (and many other places), you may be unaware of Singles’ Day. This annual event, from China’s Alibaba, falls on November 11 each year (11.11). Singles’ Day 2017 will set new records.

Before we examine expectations for 11.11.2017, let’s describe what Singles’ Day is.


The Phenomenon of Singles’ Day

Due to its immense success, we discussed Singles’ Day evolution in 2015 and 2016. For easy reading, we meld content from these two posts in this section.   2016 China-Based Singles’ Day to Dominate Global Holiday Season.   China-Based Singles’ Day Dwarfs Cyber Monday Sales (2015).

These are highlights from the posts:

Each year, Alibaba runs a Singles’ Day on November 11 targeted at final consumers. As The Street reported. “It is the biggest annual retail event. It beats Cyber Monday and Black Friday.”

What is Singles’ Day? According to the Telegraph, it started in the 1990s. “It was as an ‘anti-Valentine’s’ fete for Chinese single people. Students at Nanjing University celebrated their singledom. But it has spawned into the world’s biggest online shopping day. We can write November 11 as 11.11, or one-one-one-one.  Alibaba (China’s Amazon equivalent) chiefs spotted the commercial opportunity in 2009. And it launched ‘Double 11’ deals just as online shopping started exploding. It was also a chance to boost sales in the lull between China’s Golden Week holiday in October and the Christmas season. When sales almost quadrupled the following year, Alibaba trademarked Singles’ Day. Some featured sales center around singledom, such as boyfriend pillows and single travel tickets. But now, the day is an all-inclusive shopping holiday.”

Knowledge@Wharton noted: “In just one day — November 11 — Alibaba Group generates many times the volume of Cyber Monday. Beyond offering consumers steep discounts, Alibaba unveiled a glitzy, star-studded TV show that aired on the eve of Singles’ Day to prompt viewers to snap up specials via their computer, tablet, smartphone or Internet-enabled TV or set-top box.”


Singles’ Day 2017 Will Set New Records

So, what do experts say about Singles’ Day 2017?

Read eMarketer’s take:

Alibaba “reported that it recorded sales totaling about $18 billion during the 24-hour event in 2016. For some context, consider that Black Friday online sales in the U.S. totaled $2.74 billion the same year — about one-sixth of the sales from Singles’ Day. Global consulting firm Oliver Wyman expects Alibaba to outdo itself again this year, projecting that sales on its E-commerce platforms will total $23 billion, a growth rate of 26% over 2016.”

However, “there are signs that consumers may be experiencing some festival fatigue. According to a recent AdMaster survey, 64% of digital buyers in China said they plan to make a purchase during the festival, down from 71% in 2016, and 84% in 2015. Yet, the potential for waning interest in Singles’ Day hasn’t deterred Alibaba from doubling down on the event. This year, the company began its marketing offensive in October, announcing that some 140,000 brands had been recruited to participate in the festival, which Alibaba is also attempting to rebrand as the ‘11.11 Global Shopping Festival’ lasting three weeks.”

“Including ‘global’ is particularly interesting, since Alibaba makes no secret of the fact that it hopes to entice shoppers in Europe — and even the U.S. — to take advantage of sales deals. Alibaba reports that consumers in some 200 countries participated in Singles’ Day last year.”


Click the image to visit Alibaba’s 11.11 Web page.

Singles' Day 2017 Will Set New Records. Alibaba 11.11.2017.

Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides

31 Oct

Many of us base job satisfaction on several factors. Yet, others stress salary as key. Where do YOU fit? Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides are the subject of today’s post.

Due to interest, we have posted often about salaries. For example:


Links to ALL Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides:  Guides

Robert Half is an employment specialist. And it helps place full- and part-time professionals. Each  year, the firm produces salary guides in 5 key areas [Note: Fill out a free login for each guide]:

Accounting & Finance. Find salary data for 190 accounting and finance jobs. Customize wage ranges for 135 U.S. cities. See hiring outlooks for public accounting, corporate accounting, and financial services.”

Administrative. “Discover salaries for 60 administrative jobs. Adjust pay ranges for 135 U.S. markets. Learn which skills are in most demand and which jobs are hardest to staff.”

Creative & Marketing. “Find salaries for creative and marketing positions. Adjust to customize salaries for U.S. 135 cities. See digital marketing trends that affect hiring and skills.”

Legal. “Discover salaries for 50 legal jobs. Customize pay ranges for legal jobs in 135 U.S. cities. See the outlook for specific specialties. These include lawyers and paralegals.”

Technology & IT. “Learn salaries for 75 jobs in the tech industry. Customize pay ranges for technology roles in 135 U.S. cities. Learn about digital initiatives that most affect demand. See the most sought-after technology and IT skill sets.”


For an overview, here’s a brief video on the guides.


Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides: Creative & Marketing

Because we are Evans on Marketing, this section focuses on marketing. Yet, it also includes creative fields.

So, check out the salary data in the table. It is a portion of the listing in the guide!

Next, click here for a salary calculator YOU can customize! “Don’t negotiate blind. Use the Salary Calculator. It ties into your location and other factors.”

Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides. Salary ranges for selected marketing-related positions.


U.S. Consumers Start 2017 Holiday Shopping

20 Oct

It may be hard to believe. But many U.S. consumers have begun holiday shopping. And we are in October!! Let’s look at when some U.S. consumers start 2017 holiday shopping.

Here are some related shopping posts from past holiday periods.   Shopping List: Part 1.   Shopping List: Part 2.   Do Retailers Offer What We Want During Holiday Shopping?   Are YOU a Gift Splurger?


U.S. Consumers Start Holiday Shopping Earlier

Each year, U.S. consumers begin their holiday earlier and earlier. The main reasons? Pre-holiday discounts encourage shopping. Traditional Black Friday shopping is not as popular. Consumers can spread out their spending. And there are other reasons!!

Here are more insights from Peter Roesler, writing for Inc.:

“Tradition says the holiday shopping season starts after Thanksgiving. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This may be true for most U.S. consumers. Yet, more people now start shopping earlier. As much as people complain about seeing Christmas items on shelves too soon, data suggest there many shoppers do look for gifts before the ‘official start’ of the holiday season.”

According to a RetailMeNot study, nearly half (45 percent) of U.S. consumers say they will start shopping before November 1. In fact, many have already started. A quarter (25 percent) of  respondents said they planned to start before October. And 12 percent started holiday shopping this summer!!!!

“In the RetailMeNot survey, nearly three of five (59 percent) women said they planned to begin  holiday shopping before Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. This compares with less than half (48 percent) of men. Deals are important because consumers need to make the most of limited budgets. When asked how they would financially prepare, 47 percent of shoppers surveyed said they would like to save money in advance. 15 percent said they would work overtime ahead of the holidays. It’s easy to see why consumers would value anything that saves them money on gifts.”

Click the image to read more.

U.S. Consumers Start Holiday Shopping. Nearly Half of U.S. Consumers Have Already Started Holiday Shopping RetailMeNot survey reveals shopping trends for 2017 that can help business owners boost holiday sales.

CREDIT: Getty Images


Top Shopper Priorities for Holiday Season 2017

Due to improvements in the economy, early forecasts point to a good 2017 holiday shopping season. Nonetheless, retailers still must be prepared for these question. What are shopper priorities?

Consider these comments by Stephanie Pandolph, for Business Intelligence. Also, look at the chart below.

In a survey of 8,000 consumers by Trustpilot, 62% of respondents listed price as the most important consideration for holiday shopping. Other top factors include customer service, shipping, and product availability. Retailers will need to have plenty of promotions to fully reap the benefits of this high-volume time. Price-conscious consumers are apt to wade through a large pool of seasonal deals.”

A survey by CPC Strategy sheds some light on how consumers factor in price when deciding where to shop this season. Nearly half said total price at checkout, including shipping, will be the most important factor when choosing retailer this holiday season. Customers also plan to price check while shopping in-store, with 32% saying they will research on Amazon and 23% turning to Google.”


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