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United States Sees Facebook Trending Down

12 Mar

Since its 2004 inception, Facebook has seen an annual increase in viewers. And that is in the U.S. and around the world. Just this year, we posted Great Tips to Better Use Facebook. But now, the United States sees Facebook trending down. It lost viewers in 2017. Is this the wave of the future? In this post, we look at the numbers and behind the numbers.


United States Sees Facebook Trending Down

Due to its importance and size, Facebook regularly receives media coverage. No matter what the topic. Thus, observers have jumped on the present viewership trend.

According to Recode — and its chart below:

“The company may have finally tapped out its most valuable market, the U.S. and Canada. Facebook’s daily active user base in the U.S. and Canada fell for the first time ever in the fourth quarter of 2017. Although it’s a very small decline, it’s in Facebook’s most valuable market. And any decline in usership — even a small one — isn’t a great sign.”

United States Sees Facebook Trending Down

And as Zoe Henry notes for Inc.:

“Facebook is losing market share at an even faster than expected rate. Last year alone, the social network lost more than 1.4 million users in the 12 to 17-year old demographic, according to new report from research firm eMarketer. That represents a decline of nearly 10 percent, or roughly three times what analysts had predicted. Notably, 2017 was the first time that analysts expected the company to see a drop in usage for any age group. Overall, Facebook lost 2.8 million U.S. users under the age of 25, the data found.”

Take a look at this video clip on Facebook viewing.


Behind the Numbers

Despite the downturn in the U.S., we must be careful before coming to any conclusions.

The U.S. Is Not the World

Facebook continues to grow on a global basis. Therefore, as a social media platform, it is not in decline. But that does not mean that Facebook should not try to improve U.S. viewing. Take a look at the chart from TechCrunch.

United States Sees Facebook Trending Down -- But Not the World

Advertising Revenues Are Up

Facebook’s ad revenues are still growing. And that is in the United States too. As Recode reports: Each user accounted for $26.76 worth of revenue for the company last quarter of 2017. And it went up by 35 percent over the same quarter last year.” The chart below shows how dominant the U.S. is in Facebook ad revenues.

Look at the chart and the video.

United States Sees Facebook Trending Down


Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

9 Feb

On a regular basis, many of of us anticipate and stay current with the latest trends. And predictions for future trends. As we reported before, TrendWatching represents one valuable source in this area. Thus, today’s post considers useful free TrendWatching resources.

During just this past year, these posts highlighted the importance of studying trends:


Background: Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

According to its Web site, TrendWatching describes itself as follows:

“Established in 2002, we have hubs in London, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, São Paulo, and Lagos. And we help forward-thinking business professionals in 180+ countries understand the new consumer. As a result, they can unlock compelling, profitable innovation opportunities.”

In monitoring trends, the firm uses 2,000+trend spotters and in-house experts across 55 countries. Why? Take a look at this chart. To see a larger version, click on the image.

Useful Free Trendwatching Resources

And click here to access a “3 minute overview” of TrendWatching.


Links to Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

Besides to its paid clients, TrendWatching offers a number of FREE resources. And here we cite just some of them:

  • At this page, TrendWatching summarizes its free resources.
  • As an ongoing resource, TrendWatching publishes “TrendWatching Quarterly: the definitive viewpoint on consumerism’s most pressing issues.” For the free signup, click here. [You can also opt to receive “Innovation of the Day .”]
  • Now, click the images to see examples of trends around the globe. To illustrate, featured below are articles on these areas. Overall trends. And trends in Africa. And trends in Asia. In addition, Latin trends. Also, read the stories on brands, the customer experience, truthful consumerism.

These are just a selection of the free resources from TrendWatching. Do not be a copy cat or laggard. Be a trendsetter. And awareness is the key to good strategies.

Overall Trends

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Overview

Trends in Africa

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Africa

Trends in Asia

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Asia

Latin Trends

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Latin



Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Brands

Customer Experience

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Customer Experience

Truthful Consumerism

Useful Free TrendWatching Resources -- Truthful Consumerism

Data Analytics Can Help Predict Consumer Behavior

8 Feb

As we know, forecasting how consumers will behave is big challenge for marketers. In essence, what are we — as shoppers — going to do in the future? Thus. let’s see how data analytics can help predict consumer behavior.

As described by Techopedia. We extract and sort data to learn and assess behavior and patterns. And techniques vary according to a firm’s requirements.”

At this point, take a look at these prior posts on the topic:


Data Analytics Can Help Predict Consumer Behavior

To better grasp how analytics can help predict behavior, read on.

Because of big data, we have a simpler prediction process. As we noted last year:

“eMarketer published a Big Data Roundup for 2017. And it concluded that ‘Most key goals of marketers are rooted in big data. This includes targeting and customer relations, attribution, and AI. eMarketer has articles, insights, and interviews. To help you understand why and how marketers put these  data sets to work.”

Now, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) produced an analytics infographic. With it, marketers can better use analytics to predict behavior:

“Predicting behavior is a big challenge for marketers worldwide. And though it has always been hard, today it is harder. With consumers exposed to new technologies, products, and even new wants!”

“Thus, the infographic explains the importance of analyzing behavior. And with graphics, it shows behavior of an average online buyer. Along with sites where consumers share feedback. Next, the infographic lists steps in making a purchase. Also, it informs about the  buying behavior process. At the end, it explains predictive modeling.”

To learn more about data analytics, click the infographic. If you do so, you will see lots of good info on this topic. And the read is worth the time!


Data Analytics Can Help Predict Consumer Behavior

Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It

1 Feb

Behind the scenes Nike just does It. And this is a truly iconic brand. Nike really gets the value and nature of great marketing.

And we demonstrate this here: Greatest All-Time Brand Logos. Brands That Millennials Love. Personalized Marketing’s Future Looks Engaging: Tips. Competitive Advantage Via Animated Logos.

As Nike’s Web site notes:


“NIKE, Inc. fosters a culture of invention. We create products, services and experiences for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation. Sustainable innovation is a catalyst to revolutionize the way we do business. And an opportunity integrated across our business in policies, processes, and products. We use innovating solutions that benefit athletes, the company, and the world.”

Now, check out Nike’s video on equality:

“Listen. These are the voices of our athletes taking the platform their sport has given them. And using it to better the communities they represent. When athletes speak up to inspire all of us to act. To inspire all of us to get involved. And to inspire all of us to create change. Thus, we want to make sure that their voices – and every voice – are heard every time. So. listen. Because equality isn’t a game. But achieving it will be the greatest victory. After all, that’s why we commit to fighting for change until we all win.”

And finally, click the image to visit Nike’s main consumer Web site.

Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It


Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It

As 16Best.net notes:

“When Phil Knight wrote one of his college papers when he decided to start his own shoe company. In half of a century, his initiative turned into the world’s biggest athletic footwear, apparel, accessories, and equipment selling company. Find out the most interesting facts and stats about Nike in the infographic below.”

Behind the Scenes Nike Just Does It

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