Suggestions for Better Brainstorming

For most firms, a high level of creativity serves as a key asset. The challenge: How to become more creative. With that in mind, we turn to suggestions for

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Areas of Google Strength and Weakness

Yesterday, we offered a lengthy discussion of the new antitrust suit filed against Google.Today, we examine the areas of Google strength and weakness. 


Understanding the Areas of

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Wrapping Up Our COVID-19 Career Series

Today, we are wrapping up our COVID-19 career series. There are more than THIRTY posts. Of course, we will continue providing career-related information.

In addition, we present a link to

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The COVID-19 Virus and Business

Before we address the COVID-19 virus and business, we want to extend our best wishes to the individuals who have gotten the virus. As well as their families. In addition,

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Do YOU Recognize Anti-Influencers

Over the years, Evans on Marketing has posted nearly 40 times on influencer marketing. Including twice last week. But we never have discussed the anti-influencer. Thus, do YOU recognize

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