Burger King Looking to Keep It More Real

Curious about this title? “Burger King Looking to Keep It More Real.” Well, it refers to the fast-food chain’s newest attempt to present itself as healthier to consumers. Building

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MIT Sloan Management Review on Sustainability

Today , we look at the MIT Sloan Management Review on sustainability. It offers a series of articles on this very vital topic.

For a selection of our earlier posts

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Early Shopping Insights for the 2021 Holiday Season

We have published more than 100 stories about various aspects of holiday shopping. Now, we look at early shopping insights for the 2021 holiday season.


From eMarketer: Early Shopping

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Electric Cars on Fire

The title “Electric Cars on Fire” has dual meanings. First, sales of electric cars continue to rise, as we noted earlier this year. But this title also refers to the

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Cryptocurrency Is an Energy Hog

Intuitively, this does not seem possible. Cryptocurrency is an energy hog. After all it, it doesn’t make anything or seem to use scarce resources. However, we alluded to this

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