Trusting Brand Recommendations from Friends

As has been widely reported, consumers consider friend recommendations to be more trustworthy than company advertising.

A recent major research study bears this out. According to a story by Todd

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Doing Well by Doing Good

Marketers are often creative and innovative in developing new products. Sometimes, these ideas play a societally-important role. Thus, we can do well by doing good. 🙂

This is the case

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Bouncing Back After Social Media Fiascos

As Kevin Allen writes for PR Daily: “It seems like every day we could report on another PR crisis hitting some unfortunate brand. But what’s the real effect of these

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Coca-Cola’s Italian “Happiness Table”

See how an Italian Coca-Cola delivery truck is transformed into a “Happiness Table” in a small square in Naples. Renowned chef Simone Rugiati is on a quest to have people

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