In this post, we present our latest tips for searching for a new job. According to the Wall Street Journal, 2023 promises to be strong for freshly-minted college graduates. Despite the uncertain economy.

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Valuable Tips for Searching for a New Job

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Tailor your résumé and cover letter to land an interview. Learn as much as you can about the employer and role. Demonstrate your soft skills. Keep it simple. Stick to the most standard formatting possible with your résumé. Use keywords. The more frequently certain keywords appear in a job description, the more important they likely are. Make sure those words are included in your résumé. Tailor your cover letter. Your cover letter should be specific to the company and job you are applying to.

Think of each role along your career path as an opportunity to explore. Expand your network and make connections to learn more about new jobs. Identify your strengths and consider training or job shadowing to expand your skill set. The early days of networking in your desired industry may feel slow. It can take at least three or four months and dozens of conversations before you connect with people who are hiring, or find out about job openings.

Aim for impeccable grooming and polish for a job interview. Know your audience and dress appropriately for it. Clothes should be neutral, classic, clean, comfortable, and well-tailored. “One of the biggest mistakes people can make is to apply a one-size fits all approach in the way that they dress for an interview.” (Tessa White, The Job Doctor)

Figure out what your value is, but don’t be the first to bring up salary. Create an empathic connection with the person you are negotiating with. Understand what can be negotiated beyond salary and prioritize what matters most. Make the benefits to hiring you clear up front. Don’t exaggerate your qualifications and don’t give ultimatums.


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