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Best Business Books to Read in 2018

9 Jan

As we head into the new year, what are the best business books to read in 2018 ? With this in mind, we present links to many “best” business book lists. So, click a link below. And start reading a business book that interests you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

For comparison, take a look at Great Books to Read in 2017.


Best Business Books to Read in 2018

To access one or more of the “best’ links, click below. [Note: They appear in alphabetical order.]


Best Business Books of All Time

In addition to the lists recommending recent business books, there are lists citing the best business books of all time. Here are three such lists:

12 Best Business Books of All Time. From USA Today. This list is divided by category. Self-Improvement. Leadership and Management. Strategy. Marketing. Entrepreneurship. And General Business. Its number one for Marketing? Click the image for the full list of 12.

Best Business Books to Read in 2018

15 Best Business Books of All Time. From Business Insider. Its number one? Click the image for the full list of 15.

Best Business Books to Read in 2018

42 Best Business Books of All Time. From Book Authority. Based on Recommendations by Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs and 57 other experts. Its number one? Click the image for the full list of 42.

Best Business Books to Read in 2018

Great Tips to Better Use Facebook

2 Jan

As we know, billions of people worldwide love social media. And they often want to post easily and quickly. In fact, this is true across platforms. Facebook is the runaway social media leader. Thus, today we offer great tips to better use Facebook.

According to Statista:

“This chart shows a timeline with the worldwide number of monthly active Facebook users from 2008 to 2017. As of third quarter 2017, Facebook had 2.07 billion monthly active users. And such users are those who have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days. Furthermore, as of that quarter the social network had 1.74 billion mobile users. The platform is also the most popular social network worldwide.”

Great Tips to Better Use Facebook -- Active Users

Now, click here for twenty other interesting Facebook statistics from Zephoria Digital Marketing.


Great Tips to Better Use Facebook

Ever get frustrated with Facebook? If yes, then consider these comments by Ben Stegner. He works at MakeUseOf (MUO). It is a technology Web site: “For every great story or picture you see on Facebook, you’ll have issues. And these may include low-quality memes, annoying posts, and hard user interface elements.”

To help, Stegner offers ten tips for improving your use of Facebook. Visit here to see his comments for each tip. And learn how to fix the things that bother you:

“We share fixes for ten common Facebook aggravations and errors. Flip the right settings or use powerful extensions. As a result, you can make Facebook a more pleasant experience for yourself.

  1. Shut Up Excessive Posters.
  2. Keep Important Friends First.
  3. Opt Out of Targeted Ads.
  4. Stop Sharing Posts with Everyone.
  5. Disable Photo Tag Suggestions for Friends.
  6. Block Annoying Auto-Playing Videos.
  7. Block Annoying App Invites.
  8. Change the Interface to Your Liking.
  9. Forgot Facebook Password.
  10. Can’t Connect to Facebook.


Stay Safe This Holiday Season

25 Dec

Now that our shopping is over, we should enjoy the end of the year. Let’s visit with family and friends over the next several days. But, please be aware and careful. Stay safe this holiday season.

And remember: “Customer Service Means a Good Return Policy.”


Stay Safe This Holiday Season: Better Manage Stress

Yes, this time of year can be stressful. Because of several factors. Seeing relatives you don’t get along with. Worrying about money. Looking back on things not accomplished this year. And fretting about what’s ahead in 2018.

Consider these observations from True Stress Management:

“When the holiday bell goes off, yearly traditions come to play. With them comes a long list of tasks to accomplish. Whether it’s hosting family members and friends to catch up. Or entertaining, cleaning up, buying gifts, or merely attending all the parties going on, demands can be overwhelming. If you aren’t careful, you can invite holiday stress into your home and end up becoming more like Scrooge than Jolly Saint Nick.”

These are some stress indicators. Followed by tips to reduce stress.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season. Holiday Stress Symptoms.

True Stress Management Offers seven tips:

  1. Plan Ahead.
  2. Make a Budget and Stick to It.
  3. Scale Down Expectations and Live One Day at a Time.
  4. Be Kind to Treat Yourself (Not Just Others).
  5. Accept Your Anxiety and Holiday Stress.
  6. Take Some Time for Yourself.
  7. Be Grateful for What You Have.


Stay Safe This Holiday Season: Eat Healthy

Because this is a festive time, we may be tempted with unhealthy food. Or with overeating. So, be careful with your holiday eating traditions.

According to the Cleveland Clinic:

“Research studies show that most adults gain some weight over the holidays. But don’t despair. This year can be different! Here are some great ways to enjoy the holidays without adding pounds. View our infographic. And read about the tips in detail.”

Stay Safe This Holiday Season: Be Careful in Your Eating


Stay Safe This Holiday Season: Beware Over-Celebrating Drivers

We know that holidays may bring out bad driving behavior.  So be particularly careful yourself. And always encourage others who have celebrated too much to use designated drivers.

PLEASE take a good look at the infographic from SCRAM Systems.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season: Watch Out for Bad Drivers

Optimizing Employer-Employee Relationships

20 Dec

As we realize, well-treated people are better employees. And these people are better motivated. And they achieve more productivity. In addition, they are more customer-friendly. For today’s post we study optimizing employer-employee relationships to motivate. In the next section, we show an employee engagement loop.

Among our past posts on employee motivation are:


Optimizing Employer-Employee Relationships

In sum, let’s address this question. In what ways can employers optimize relationships with employees?

Overall, a good tool is the employee engagement loop. And it was devised by customer experience expert Ian Goulding. As he observes for Customer Think:

“To succeed, treat employees how you want them to treat customers. If a leader aspires to ‘put the employee first,’ it is important to have structure and rigor. And yes, it is common to find businesses with frameworks to manage the customer experience. But we do not often see this principle applied for the employee experience.”

“And the ’employee engagement loop’ is a simple framework. Also, it supports the employer journey – a framework with  six steps. If well designed and managed, it should help you deliver the desired employee experience.”

Before noting the steps, look at the following flowchart.

The Employer Journey to Optimizing Employer-Employee Relationships


Implementing the Employee Engagement Loop

At this point, let’s outline the engagement loop’s steps. And look at its focus on optimizing employer-employee relationships:

    1. Attract.  If a firm wants a customer-centric culture, it must hire the right employees in the first place.”
    2. Infuse Brand DNA.  In everything you do, infuse your brand DNA. To keep the right engagement with employees, infusing brand DNA must be ongoing.”
    3. Inspire Excellence. In most cases, people must be encouraged to excel. To be ‘just good enough’ is ‘not enough.’  At Ritz-Carlton, employees ‘make memories.’ Because it is not sufficient to just fulfill tasks.”
    4. Encourage Curiosity & Learning.  As a good example, Amazon infuses its brand DNA via 14 leadership principles. Of importance is ‘learn and be curious.’ And a leader who understands the value of learning encourages the same from others.”
    5. Innovate & Co-Create. If you encourage curiosity and learning, you also encourage innovation. At customer-centric firms, employees should not just bed ask their opinions. In addition, they should co-create new products and initiatives. And those who best know the desired customer experience are those who interact with customers.”
    6. Reward. If we want to inspire employees, we must show we value them. Yet, this is not always monetary. As with customers, employees want to know their employer cares about them. And they want to be thanked for their effort.”


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