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Job Interview Preparation Tips

17 Oct

The job interview may be the KEY step in the job search process. (First, you write a great resume to secure interviews!) With that in mind, this post tackles job interview preparation tips.

These are a few prior posts on the job interview.   Being Real on a Job Interview!   Be on Your BEST Behavior When Interviewing.   A Graduating B School Student Talks About Her Job Search.



According to Hannah Morgan, writing for Savvy Intern:

“The interview is scheduled! You are ecstatic, as you should be. But now what? Begin preparing and practicing! How will you perfectly prepare for the interview? Perhaps you need an interview preparation guide. You’ve already done some preliminary research on the company. But now it’s time to dig deep. The more you know about the firm, its competitors and the overall market, the smarter you’ll appear. Too often people fail to thoroughly prepare the job interview for this specific job at this company. In other words, they tend to treat each interview as generic in nature.”


Job Interview Preparation Tips: 10 Steps to Success

Morgan offers a new 10-step guide with job interview preparation tips. To access her full guide, click the image below the tips.

  1. Get a Copy of the Most Current Job Description — What they’ve posted online may not be the full description or most recent version of job requirements. It isn’t unusual for a firm to have a different version of the job description for internal use. It may be more descriptive.”
  2. Prepare a Story for Each of the Job Requirements  — Go through each requirement listed in the job posting and develop an answer for how you meet the requirements.”
  3. Prepare Answers to the Most Common Interview Questions — You shouldn’t sound rehearsed. You should sound natural! Practice!
  4. Craft Your Opening Statement — You can pretty much count on this question. Prepare the best 1-minute response. Answer as if you were asked, why should we hire you.
  5. Research the Company — Look at the company Web site and career page. But don’t stop here. Google the firm and see what news is mentioned.”
  6. Know Something About the Interviewers — Thank goodness for LinkedIn. Go ahead and see where they used to work, what organizations and groups they belong to, and recommendations others have written.”
  7. Prepare Smart Questions — To understand the job and firm, ask questions! So, ask questions to learn expectations, how the team functions, and more.”
  8. Know the Format of the Interview — Will you be meet one-on-one, as a panel, via phone, Skype, or online video, and how long will the scheduled to last?”
  9. Bring Copies of Your Resume for Everyone — Don’t assume everyone will have a copy.”
  10. Know Exact Dates –If you haven’t completed an application, don’t say “see attached resume.” Fully and accurately complete the job application. It is a legal document. Do not lie, exaggerate or embellish.”


Job interview preparation tips. Click here to access the 10-step guide with job interview preparation tips.


Trix: Healthy Cereal Or Not?

27 Sep

McDonald’s and Coke know many consumers want healthy food and beverages. As a result, they added to their healthy offerings. Our posts on healthy foods include these. Want to Attract the Health-Conscious Consumer? Tricking Kids into Eating Healthy Veggies. How Healthy Are We? Perceptions Vs. Reality. Likewise, firms make healthy cereal due to presumed interest. An example of this is General Mills with Trix healthy cereal.

Healthy Cereal? Trix Is for Kids

In 1954, General Mills introduced Trix as a sugar-coated version of Kix. The “Trix is for kids” slogan dates to 1957!! Trix is popular enough for Family Guy to spoof it an episode.


In 2016, General Mills decided to remove the original Trix. The firm replaced it with a natural version. General Mills thought was a great idea. To the contrary, it it did not work. Why? Kids loved Trix as it was, not the new version.

In sum, as Wall Street Journal‘s Annie Gasparro reports:


General Mills is going to reintroduce the original Trix, artificial flavorings and all. It will go on sale alongside the more wholesome version in October. This reverses the firm’s’ pledge  remove artificial colors and flavors from all cereals. It said its 7 all-natural cereals boosted sales by 6% in early 2016. At the same time, natural-ingredient haters made calls, E-mails, and social-media posts. It turns out consumers ‘don’t all want one thing.”


This image shows the look of natural Trix (left) and original Trix (right).

Healthy cereal. Naturally colored and flavored Trix on the left, compared with the artificial version on the right.

Photo: Ackerman + Gruber for Wall Street Journal


This image shows the packaging of natural Trix (left) and original Trix (right).

Healthy cereal. The Trix version with no artificial colors and flavors, left, was introduced two years ago. The new-old version, which will use some artificial colors and flavors, is being called Classic Trix. Text size comment19 share tweet email Print more It turns out some Trix eaters prefer artificial colors and flavors.

Image by Star Tribune


Marketing Career Planning and Career Development

25 Sep

In sum, we discuss marketing career planning and career development here. Above all, it considers the question: Is marketing for you? Because of the importance of career planning, we have had many posts. And the examples cut across all areas of interest:


Next, videos on marketing career planning and development address:


Is marketing for you?


Of course, a career path is vital in marketing career planning. According to Career One Stop, as to the marketing manager’s role:

Relevant for us!! “Description: Plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs. Determine the firm’s demand for goods and services and its competitors. Be clear to identify potential customers. Further, develop pricing strategies to increase profits or market share. And ensure customer satisfaction. Besides, oversee product development and monitor trends for new products.”

To show this, Career One Stop offers a marketing manager video.



Last, these links cover marketing career planning and development:


This post discusses marketing career planning and marketing career development. And it addresses the career question: Is marketing for you? Since career development information is so valuable, Evansonmarketing has previously published diverse posts.

What are the most skills that job applicants will need to have in the future? Are you striving to obtain them?


Can Better Marketing Lower Costs?

21 Sep

A yes answer to this question is not necessarily a dream or an impossibility: Can better marketing lower costs? Some companies generate weak performance profits even with high marketing expenditures. We’ll mention no names! Nonetheless, it is possible to do better marketing with lower costs. 🙂 Click here, for example.

Especially relevant are recent observations byKushal Dev for Customer Guru: 

“In today’s competitive world, customer experience gives a strong competitive advantage. No matter the company size, customer experience must be at the heart of every organization. And the effort to improve the customer experience can pay rich dividends with new, more, and repeat customers. The firm then earns the respect and love of its customers and the benefit of their referrals. And if it continues providing excellent service, it will generate even more referrals and higher profits.”

“So, how do you design a low-cost customer experience strategy that works? Here are a few ideas to improve the customer experience of your business without increasing costs.”


Furthermore, if they effectively enhance the customer experience, companies become better marketers and keep costs in reason. As a rule, not every marketing cost is customer-experience oriented. Thus, waste occurs. Accordingly, here are some of Dev’s tips. As a result, by enacting them, firms can improve the customer experience AND maintain reasonable marketing costs. Then, they can answer yes to the question: Can better marketing lower costs?


Most of All: How Can Better Marketing Lower Costs?
  • Communicate goals to all employees — A customer-centric leader ensures that customer centricity is the DNA of the organization. And every employee in the organization, from the senior management to the intern, must align with this vision.”
  • Appreciate and value your customers at the onset — Because competition is intense, every firm must know that every time a customer chooses its product, he/she trusts the brand.”
  • Avoid going overboard with advertising — Your current customers don’t need to be reminded at every possible instance and through every available channel about new products. Also, a fine line exists between marketing and becoming a nuisance.”
  • Value and love your employees — Engaged employees bring in engaged customers. Hence, organizations must do all they can to ensure employees are satisfied.”
  • Train and empower employees— Finally, coach employees to ensure they understand the needs of the customer. Importantly, enable employees to make decisions. Thus, response speed to the customer gets better.”

Click the image to read more.

Some companies do generate weak performance profits even with high marketing expenditures. Nonetheless, it is possible to do better marketing with lower costs. Yes: Can better marketing lower costs?

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