ClickFox, a firm specializing in the analysis of customer experiences, recently released the results of its 2013 brand loyalty survey.

Here is an infographic from ClickFox.


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  1. I must say I’m not surprised that Apples leads in customer loyalty two years in a row. Out of all the people I’ve ever known to get an iphone, macbook, ipod or some other apple product, I’ve only know one person to drift away from the brand. In that one case, my mother bought an iphone when they had first come out and it must not have been assembled properly because a screw fell off of the phone within the first few days of use, making the phone dysfunctional. Since my mother’s view of the iphone was tarnished with that first impression, she has since switched back to Blackberry. Other than that, everyone I’ve known to have an apple product hasn’t switched to any other brand since. I think this is especially because I am surrounded by that younger generation of 21 and younger that proved the most loyal to their cell phone manufacturers in the survey. I think that is because the majority of people in our age category use apple’s iphone which has the most customer loyalty whereas, older generations didn’t grow up in the age of apple and don’t view it in the same way.

  2. This survey does not surprise me. Nowadays, no one wants to be contacted by phone because it takes up time or they always seem to call at the wrong times. Apple leading in customer loyalty is what I expected. Everyone knows what Apple is and from my experiences I have been really happy with their products. Also everyone seems to have Apple products so with our generation its like a household thing.

  3. These results not surpriseing to me at all. Being contacted over the is extremely annoying and pointless in my mind. It is frustrating because most of the time you have no interest in what they are selling and there are many others things you need to be doing. When it comes to loyalty I agree that it plays a huge role for the consumer. Once I like a certain brand there is a very low chance I would pick something else over it even if they were offering a discount. Lastly, of course the economy is going to play a huge part because affordability makes a huge difference.

  4. The only phone survey I have not declined or hung up on was for my alma mater Fordham University, other than that (and from the survey responses and comments it seems agreeable) connecting with people via telephone is extremely annoying and frustrating. Especially because it is usually during or right before dinner time. I don’t mind email surveys. If they are short and to the point, or even provide an incentive like a chance to win something, I will be more inclined to complete one. Not to be repetitive, but Apple’s consumer loyalty is not surprising. Despite their higher prices, their products have always been superior and many consumers want to be a part of the Apple bandwagon. However, I think the next 2-5 years will be interesting to watch how Apple competes with other brands such as Samsung who are really stepping up their innovation. And at a lower price.

  5. I think analyzing customer experience is very important. It has a big influence on all aspects of marketing and tools like ClickFox’s Brand Loyalty Survey give us a true perspective of what gives people satisfaction. By looking at what attracts people to particular products and brands we get an understanding of how loyalty is developed and can use the information as a guide for more positive experiences with more companies.

  6. I like the way ClickFox presented the results of its survey. At first glance, I thought it was a coupon. After getting involved with the infographic, I feel so funny and read it seriously. Actually, some facts are really surprised me. The results shown that “Brand image and advertisement is important but not a deciding factor in determining brand loyalty” and the traditional promotion like “buy one get one free” is not as important as before. It might be hard for companies to build brand loyalty through advertisement or discounts. Therefore, offer the good quality product and customer service would be an effective way to establish brand loyalty.

  7. In my opinion, Apple definitely does have one of the better customer service out there. I’ve had to deal with Apple on numerous occasions and they have always been more than willing to replace any of my devices, easily accessible, etc. Customer service is very important to be taken into consideration when evaluating a company.

  8. From the survey we learned that good service and brand quality is the most important things a company should consider.
    Email and text are better than phone when a company want to market its products.
    Consumers at different ages have different consumer behavior.

  9. In terms of the survey result in “Consumers recognize brand quality and features as crucial to deciding their favorite brands” and over 50% consumers are focused on economy, I believe brands should care about “quality/price”. If a luxury fashionable brand does not offer superior feeling of fashion, I am not willing to pay the price.

  10. It is obvious that quality of brand and customer service are crucial factors to build a brand loyalty. Even though, there are appealing advertising strategies like buy one get one free, it is an unless method for company to increase positive brand image.
    What’s more, company should care about first purchase for any customers, because it influences whether they would purchase again or not. For example, if I had good experience in purchasing specific product, i would have a positive image on this brand. Most importantly, it is more likely for me to make a purchase in the future.

  11. It does not surprise me that consumers are most loyal to their hotels and automakers. With recent stories about bedbugs in hotels, I wouldn’t expect people to change the hotels they go to, unless they saw a bedbug or something major happened (i.e. something was stolen from your room). If you routinely go to the same hotel, you will not want to change because you develop a sense of familiarity and comfort. With automakers, if your car was reliable and safe, I would expect someone to buy another car from the same automaker.

  12. This survey about brand loyalty almost coincide with my consumption experience. I absolutely loyal with some brands with good product quality and consumer service. i am very unwilling to be contacted by phone. it always bother our study and work. and, different aging group have their own loyal brand. Even though i have been loyal to a brand, i will give up it once it perform not very well. The quality is the key to loyalty brand.

  13. Although apple is highly priced, it doesn’t surprise me that they are ranked number one for brand loyalty because I’ve heard such great feedback about apple products. I don’t know many people who have transferred over to a Mac and then decided it wasn’t for them.

  14. I’d say this survey is fairly accurate to what I had already assumed about consumers mind set for product or brand loyalty. Regarding phones, so many of the problems with android is not that the phones have a lack of features but because they often fail to implement them correctly. While Apple on the other hand has a much better quality control, offers exemplary customer service, and releases updates often. Android has spread themselves to thin to keep all of their customers and users happy. Customer Service is huge to customer loyalty much more than corporations seem to realize once they become bigger companies. Companies such as EA and Makerbot have turned their own customers against them by providing terrible customer service.

  15. According to the survey, consumer are more focusing on brand quality rather than sales promotion,.More are more consumer realize that buy one get one free is not the big deal when purchasing. Advertising is still significant to build brand image.

  16. Whenever brand loyalty is brought up, you cant help but immediately think of Apple and its cult-like following. What qualities does Apple have to invoke such a following? Untouchable quality and elite customer service. Innovativeness in ease of use, not always making the first product but always the best. Apple worked hard for many years to get this reputation while not always making pulling in the profits. If other companies invested in their brand for years without just worrying about making a quick buck, maybe they would have equal success.

  17. I agree with the fact that consumers do not want to be contacted over the phone and would rather be emailed. People are constantly being advertised to and sold products to everywhere and do not want to be called on top of all of that. The more that people are pushed to buy something I feel, the less likely they are going to want to.

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