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Watch Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads

5 Feb

As we reported yesterday, the Super Bowl remains the most viewed program in the United States. And Super Bowl Bowl LII was no exception. In this post. let us watch several Super Bowl LII company ads. Then, YOU decide which ones you like best.

And tomorrow, we will look at what experts say about Super Bowl LII ads.


Watch Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads

Because of Business Insider and iSpot TV, we can easily access 34 of the ads that appeared yesterday. And they are available at YouTube.

First, can you identity the celebrity reprising her role in this Pepsi ad?

Watch Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads

Now, here are 5 Super Bowl LII ads, with brief commentaries from Business Insider. In this grouping, ads are in alphabetical order. To see the other 29 ads at Business Insider, click the link above.

Amazon Alexa — “In the ad, Alexa loses her voice, only to be replaced by a host of celebrities, including Rebel Wilson and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Even Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos makes an appearance.”

Coca-Cola — “Coke celebrates diversity and inclusivity in ‘The Wonder of Us.’ As the ad opens: ‘There’s a Coke for he, and she, and her, and me, and them’.”

Lexus In this offering, “Lexus partnered with Marvel Studios to create an ad that features characters from the movie ‘Black Panther,’ which will open on February 16. It released an extended version of the ad online. And a 30-second version was shown during the game.”

M&M’s — “During the game ad, Danny DeVito starred as a human M&M. In addition, a mini ad ran before theĀ game started.”

Universal Orlando Resort — “Former quarterback Peyton Manning is back in this year’s Super Bowl, but in a very different capacity. Manning has a starring role in Universal Parks & Resorts’ ad.”


A Clever Ad: Coke and Recycling

17 Aug

In Great Britain, Coca-Cola has been running an entertaining and clever commercial to encourage recycling. Below are two videos: one that shows the commercial itself and another that describes the making of the ad.

As reported by Alexandra Jardine for Advertising Age:

“Coca-Cola Great Britain is encouraging people to think more about recycling with an animated film, portraying a love story between a plastic Coke and Fanta bottle, that is crafted entirely out of recyclable packaging. The set for ‘Love Story,’ by Ogilvy & Mather Berlin, was created by Berlin-based duo Cris Wiegandt and Lacy Barry who used more than 1,500 Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Smartwater, and Honest bottles and cans during production. In the story, the two plastic bottles banter about their romance, and how they kept giving another a ‘second chance’ after being recycled again and again.”




Hysterical [to Us] Spoofs of Chevy Ads

20 Mar

For the last couple of years, Chevy has run a number of TV commercials that feature its success in winning numerous J.D. Power customer satisfaction awards and that highlight the reactions of “real people.” These ads have been well received and have done well on social media. The first of the two real Chevy ads shown here has been viewed on YouTube by more than 3.1 million people.

Because of the popularity of the actual Chevy commercials from GM, they have spawned spoofs on YouTube that are quite funny (at least to us). Together, the three parodies shown below have been viewed more than 3.2 million times on YouTube. NOTE: There is a little profanity in one of the spoof ads.

Question: Do these spoofs hurt or help Chevy?


Rating the Super Bowl Ads: What’s YOUR Take?

7 Feb

From a sports perspective, Super Bowl LI was an exciting football game — the first one ever going into overtime. But was this Super Bowl an advertising success? The reviews of the ads are mixed. [Click here to access all of the ads.]

Consider these observations from

“The New England Patriots’ furious comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons must have felt like a relief to the National Football League and many of its fans, if only because it squarely turned the focus and conversation back to football. That came at the close of a Super Bowl where commercials that once would have seemed relatively innocuous felt provocative thanks to the polarized political climate.”

“Super Bowl ads featuring images of multiculturalism and inclusiveness are hardly new — sponsors like to appeal to wide audiences with feel-good imagery. Even so, amid all the acrimony over government policies, several commercials risked becoming lightning rods, including a Budweiser ad that dared to trace founder Adolphus Busch’s immigrant roots and a Coca-Cola spot that offered ‘America the Beautiful’ in different languages.”

“[Nonetheless, for the most part], the much-ballyhooed commercials yielded as few highlights as New England’s offense did during the first half.”


Each year, Advertising Age runs an online post-game poll whereby anyone can vote on the question: “Which Super Bowl Ad Was the Best?” As of Monday night, the following ads were rated the best by those participating in the Ad Age poll. In addition to listing the best ads (in the order of the Ad Age poll results), we are providing the ads themselves. WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Airbnb “We Accept”


84 Lumber “The Journey Begins”


Audi “Daughter”


Bai Brands “Gentlemen”


Budweiser “Born the Hard Way”


Mr. Clean “Cleaner of Your Dreams”


Honda “Yearbooks”


Kia “Hero’s Journey”


Tide “Bradshaw Stain”



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