2021 Status of Social Video

Today, we look at the 2021 status of social video. This updates our post from four years ago on that topic. From the same source.

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Should the Tokyo Olympics Go On?

With just days until the opening ceremonies, controversy still remains. From a social responsibility perspective, should the Tokyo Olympics go on?


A Controversial Question: Should the Tokyo Olympics

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Leading National Advertisers 2021

Last year, the Advertising Age 2020 Leading National Advertisers report indicated the problems the industry faced due to the pandemic. Thankfully, the Leading National Advertisers 2021 report is much stronger.

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Not Shopping with Shoppable Ads

Marketers will try almost anything to attract customers. While most many firms believe the ease of transactions and the customer experience are essential. With that in mind, we see

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NFL Video Rights Stream Ahead

In 2020, the TV viewing audience for National Football League games dropped across the board. As a result, for its forthcoming televised contracts? (a) The rights fees will drop.

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