Marketers are often creative and innovative in developing new products. Sometimes, these ideas play a societally-important role. Thus, we can do well by doing good. 🙂

This is the case with the billboard that can actually create water! As reported by Matt Peckham for Time: “The billboard pictured here is real, it’s located in Lima, Peru, and it produces around 100 liters of water a day (about 26 gallons) from nothing more than humidity, a basic filtration system and a little gravitational ingenuity.”


“The city’s residents could certainly use the help. According to a 2011 The Independent piece ominously titled ‘The desert city in serious danger of running dry,’ about 1.2 million residents of Lima lack running water entirely, depending on unregulated private-company water trucks to deliver the goods — companies that charge up to 30 soles (US $10) per cubic meter of H2O, or as The Independent notes, 20 times what more well-off residents pay for their tapwater.”



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  1. Let me be the first here to say that this invention is pretty clever, efficient, and in general, genius. Well, at least it seems efficient from what the article states. It’s potentially a breakthrough in energy-efficient technology, but at the same time one might wonder how this could affect the economy in terms of the prior suppliers of water. Where is it best and most reasonable to build billboards that generate water from humidity?

  2. When I finished the article, my first thought is we are so luck that we don’t have to worry about the water issues. The innovation is incredible and it can proved that men’s determination sometimes will conquer nature! But I just wonder that do the other unregulated private water companies break the billboard? Since they will lose their business and no one would pay high price to buy water…

  3. This was a nice story to read and one has to wonder why there are not more billboards like this. While the article does not state the cost of the billboard to produce the water, it is probably worth it to produce. If the price of the electricity used to power the billboard becomes too expensive, I’m sure a sponsor will pay to advertise on the billboard and keep the billboard running. If a company advertises on a billboard that produces clean water for an area that lacks water, one may think more highly of the company.

  4. Every company incorporates (or should incorporate) social and economic responsibility into their core values and objectives. Regardless if a company is producing electronics, consumer goods, food, etc, it should do something to give back. And this is not only genius, but a wonderful way to give back to a country that needs something as basic and filtered water. Billboard advertising already has higher costs, so why not support one that uses nature to give back? And one can only have positive comments about a company that supports this type of efforts.

  5. It is so important for people to meet basic need such as food, clothing or shelter. In some countries, people don’t have to worry about basic need, because people take basic need for granted. Thus, they even try to satisfy the wants. However, in other counties, basic need is a big problems for residents just like the article mentioned. I consider that it is a significant technology to help some areas that lack of sufficient water, so this break-through technology is worthy for us to invest.

  6. Value proposition is the most difficult but also most significant elements in new product innovation. I think it is where core value of marketing fall into, finding out ways to satisfying needs which can make a great difference for people’s daily life.

  7. Currently, all of leading company do their best to fulfill their social responsibility. For example, they often contribute the money to public events without charge. And, they also donate the money to the areas and people that need a help. These company not only help others , but also raise their own image in the publics. These contribution can bring intangible value to these companies. In addition, the inventors should generate the novel ideas based on environmental protection, energy saving and so on. These new products will contribute to the societal welfare.

  8. In my opinion, doing good usually means the company’s responsibility for the society. It can enhance the company’s reputation. You earn money, but at the same time you help a lot of people. This is what every company should do

  9. Energy conservation and water recycling are critical ways to protect environment. Firms should not only pay attention to the most profitable market, but also need to do someting to satisfy the needs for poverty.

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