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Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides

31 Oct

Many of us base job satisfaction on several factors. Yet, others stress salary as key. Where do YOU fit? Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides are the subject of today’s post.

Due to interest, we have posted often about salaries. For example:


Links to ALL Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides:  Guides

Robert Half is an employment specialist. And it helps place full- and part-time professionals. Each  year, the firm produces salary guides in 5 key areas [Note: Fill out a free login for each guide]:

Accounting & Finance. Find salary data for 190 accounting and finance jobs. Customize wage ranges for 135 U.S. cities. See hiring outlooks for public accounting, corporate accounting, and financial services.”

Administrative. “Discover salaries for 60 administrative jobs. Adjust pay ranges for 135 U.S. markets. Learn which skills are in most demand and which jobs are hardest to staff.”

Creative & Marketing. “Find salaries for creative and marketing positions. Adjust to customize salaries for U.S. 135 cities. See digital marketing trends that affect hiring and skills.”

Legal. “Discover salaries for 50 legal jobs. Customize pay ranges for legal jobs in 135 U.S. cities. See the outlook for specific specialties. These include lawyers and paralegals.”

Technology & IT. “Learn salaries for 75 jobs in the tech industry. Customize pay ranges for technology roles in 135 U.S. cities. Learn about digital initiatives that most affect demand. See the most sought-after technology and IT skill sets.”


For an overview, here’s a brief video on the guides.


Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides: Creative & Marketing

Because we are Evans on Marketing, this section focuses on marketing. Yet, it also includes creative fields.

So, check out the salary data in the table. It is a portion of the listing in the guide!

Next, click here for a salary calculator YOU can customize! “Don’t negotiate blind. Use the Salary Calculator. It ties into your location and other factors.”

Robert Half 2018 Salary Guides. Salary ranges for selected marketing-related positions.


Job Interview Preparation Tips

17 Oct

The job interview may be the KEY step in the job search process. (First, you write a great resume to secure interviews!) With that in mind, this post tackles job interview preparation tips.

These are a few prior posts on the job interview.   Being Real on a Job Interview!   Be on Your BEST Behavior When Interviewing.   A Graduating B School Student Talks About Her Job Search.



According to Hannah Morgan, writing for Savvy Intern:

“The interview is scheduled! You are ecstatic, as you should be. But now what? Begin preparing and practicing! How will you perfectly prepare for the interview? Perhaps you need an interview preparation guide. You’ve already done some preliminary research on the company. But now it’s time to dig deep. The more you know about the firm, its competitors and the overall market, the smarter you’ll appear. Too often people fail to thoroughly prepare the job interview for this specific job at this company. In other words, they tend to treat each interview as generic in nature.”


Job Interview Preparation Tips: 10 Steps to Success

Morgan offers a new 10-step guide with job interview preparation tips. To access her full guide, click the image below the tips.

  1. Get a Copy of the Most Current Job Description — What they’ve posted online may not be the full description or most recent version of job requirements. It isn’t unusual for a firm to have a different version of the job description for internal use. It may be more descriptive.”
  2. Prepare a Story for Each of the Job Requirements  — Go through each requirement listed in the job posting and develop an answer for how you meet the requirements.”
  3. Prepare Answers to the Most Common Interview Questions — You shouldn’t sound rehearsed. You should sound natural! Practice!
  4. Craft Your Opening Statement — You can pretty much count on this question. Prepare the best 1-minute response. Answer as if you were asked, why should we hire you.
  5. Research the Company — Look at the company Web site and career page. But don’t stop here. Google the firm and see what news is mentioned.”
  6. Know Something About the Interviewers — Thank goodness for LinkedIn. Go ahead and see where they used to work, what organizations and groups they belong to, and recommendations others have written.”
  7. Prepare Smart Questions — To understand the job and firm, ask questions! So, ask questions to learn expectations, how the team functions, and more.”
  8. Know the Format of the Interview — Will you be meet one-on-one, as a panel, via phone, Skype, or online video, and how long will the scheduled to last?”
  9. Bring Copies of Your Resume for Everyone — Don’t assume everyone will have a copy.”
  10. Know Exact Dates –If you haven’t completed an application, don’t say “see attached resume.” Fully and accurately complete the job application. It is a legal document. Do not lie, exaggerate or embellish.”


Job interview preparation tips. Click here to access the 10-step guide with job interview preparation tips.


Careers in Business 2017: Now on YouTube

13 Sep

Earlier this year, we published a PowerPoint slideshow “2017 Edition of Careers in Business.”

Now we have produced a YouTube version of this slideshow — which is easier to view; and it is complete with music. 🙂

PLEASE take a look at this video — in full-screen mode!


Video Tips to Help Improve YOUR Self-Confidence

29 May

Are there times when YOU don’t feel confident to speak in public, pursue a new job, ask for a promotion, etc.? This happens to most of us at one time or another. What can YOU do to be more motivated and self-confident? LEARN from and enjoy the six video clips that are shown below! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This first video is to give you a chuckle and psych you up for the other — more serious — videos.

This next video has been viewed more than 9 million times. And the others have all been viewed several hundred thousand times or more!!!






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