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Watch Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads

5 Feb

As we reported yesterday, the Super Bowl remains the most viewed program in the United States. And Super Bowl Bowl LII was no exception. In this post. let us watch several Super Bowl LII company ads. Then, YOU decide which ones you like best.

And tomorrow, we will look at what experts say about Super Bowl LII ads.


Watch Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads

Because of Business Insider and iSpot TV, we can easily access 34 of the ads that appeared yesterday. And they are available at YouTube.

First, can you identity the celebrity reprising her role in this Pepsi ad?

Watch Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads

Now, here are 5 Super Bowl LII ads, with brief commentaries from Business Insider. In this grouping, ads are in alphabetical order. To see the other 29 ads at Business Insider, click the link above.

Amazon Alexa — “In the ad, Alexa loses her voice, only to be replaced by a host of celebrities, including Rebel Wilson and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Even Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos makes an appearance.”

Coca-Cola — “Coke celebrates diversity and inclusivity in ‘The Wonder of Us.’ As the ad opens: ‘There’s a Coke for he, and she, and her, and me, and them’.”

Lexus In this offering, “Lexus partnered with Marvel Studios to create an ad that features characters from the movie ‘Black Panther,’ which will open on February 16. It released an extended version of the ad online. And a 30-second version was shown during the game.”

M&M’s — “During the game ad, Danny DeVito starred as a human M&M. In addition, a mini ad ran before the game started.”

Universal Orlando Resort — “Former quarterback Peyton Manning is back in this year’s Super Bowl, but in a very different capacity. Manning has a starring role in Universal Parks & Resorts’ ad.”


Deliverer Entering Person’s Home OK?

27 Nov

What do YOU think of this: A Deliverer Entering Person’s Home OK? Amazon believes many of its customers will love this practice. And that they will pay for it. But, critics say most people won’t want a stranger in their home if they are away.

We know most shoppers want convenience and speed in having products delivered. See Next-Day Delivery and Same-Day Delivery.   What’s Ahead for the Subscription Box Service?   Uber Eat(s) Setting Itself Up for Defeat?

People feel OK if home for deliveries and with packages left at their door. But, will they leave a key for a deliverer to enter their home?


Amazon Key: A New Form of Delivery

Powerhouse Amazon believes its new in-home delivery will be a big hit:

“Amazon Key is an exclusive service for Prime members. It radically improves the convenience of receiving deliveries. And it allows in-home delivery and secure home access for guests and others. Find out at https://www.amazon.com/key.”

Check out the video overview of Amazon Key.

And Amazon sees a bright future for this service. Look at the pricing strategy:

“Amazon Key works for for Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas. To get started, purchase the Amazon Key In-Home Kit, starting at $249.99. The kit includes Amazon’s indoor cloud camera and a smart lock.”

“As a Prime member, get Amazon packages delivered inside your front door. Plus, grant access to the people you trust. Such as your family, friends, dog walker, or house cleaner. No leaving a key under the mat.”

Amazon’s confidence springs from the huge number of Prime Members. And that number grows each year. And each quarter.

 Look at the number of Prime households! Deliverer Entering Person's Home OK?

For further information on Amazon Key, click the animated image.

Amazon Key. Deliverer Entering Person's Home OK? To Shoppers?

Is a Deliverer Entering Person’s Home OK?

To date, it seems most things Amazon touches turn to gold. But, will this be the exception? Would YOU subscribe to Amazon Key?

First, a lot of shoppers may find $249.99 pricey for the in-home kit. Second, Amazon does not yet know if shoppers trust in-home delivery.

In sum, consider these eMarketer observations:

“Amazon, Walmart, and shippers seek ways to get items past customers’ front doors. Their latest strategy —  to drop packages inside homes. Or, for groceries, inside fridges. But consumers haven’t bought into the concept. Yet. In a Recode survey, 5% of Prime users say they will definitely buy it. Yet, 58% definitely won’t.”

“The percent who’d buy was similar whether or not a person used Prime.”

Deliverer Entering Person's Home OK? To Shoppers? Survey Says NO!


Happy Thanksgiving. Black Friday Shopping Next?

23 Nov

We wish you Happy Thanksgiving. Now, we ask you a question. Is Black Friday shopping next?


Happy Thanksgiving. Black Friday Shopping Next?


And remember to look at our holiday shopping tips.


Black Friday Shopping Next?

Despite many shoppers avoiding Black Friday, millions are getting revved up. And they spend billions of dollars over Thanksgiving weekend. What about YOU?

Statista has two excellent infographics on Black Friday shopping. One covers the hours people shop. The other looks at impulsive shopping.

As Rebekka Keuss reports:

“A Statista survey on purchasing habits during the holiday season revealed that those participating in the Black Friday madness plan to make use of the many doorbuster deals, traditionally – is it a tradition already? – offered only during the early hours of the day. Being an early bird literally pays off, so that’s the logic of many holiday shoppers. Accordingly, pre-Black Friday advertising does too. So, if you don’t belong to the 47 percent planning to stay at home and you are looking for a new smartphone, some new swanky clothes or expensive toys for your kids, prepare to get up early; otherwise the Black Friday deals might be gone before you can make it to the stores.”

Black Friday Shopping Next? How early will you shop?
And Martin Armstrong notes:

“Eager deal hunters will be going out with specific purchases in their crosshairs. Once in the stores, however, there is always the chance of stumbling across a great bargain which proves just too good to resist. The results of the Statista Thanksgiving & Holiday Survey 2016 showed that the product types most likely to spontaneously jump off the shelves and into U.S. shoppers’ carts are clothing, consumer electronics, and games/toys. 43 percent of respondents said that they would make an impulse purchase of ‘clothing, textiles, or shoes if they saw a good offer on Black Friday.”

Black Friday Shopping Next? How are impulsive are you?


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