Forty Under Forty for 2021

How can we measure the success of our self-branding efforts? For example, consider these measures. Ability to get a job. Job promotions. Salary increases. Reviews by others. And so

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Consumer Shopping Interest in Cryptocurrency

Despite its volatile valuation from day to day, cryptocurrency is being accepted as currency by more third parties. As a result, let us look at consumer shopping interest in cryptocurrency.  

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MIT Sloan Management Review on Sustainability

Today , we look at the MIT Sloan Management Review on sustainability. It offers a series of articles on this very vital topic.

For a selection of our earlier posts

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Crafting an E-Commerce Customer Service Strategy

Earlier this year, we highlighted Adverity’s E-Commerce Analytics Handbook. Throughout this handbook, online customer service is included. Therefore, we now look at crafting an E-commerce customer service strategy.


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How and Why We Are Tracked Online

Over the years, we have written about privacy issues roughly 400 times. As we continue noting, things keep getting worse. Not better. Thus, we look at how and why

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