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The JWT Intelligence 2013 Global Anxiety Report

25 Aug

Last month, we posted a video about consumer anxiety around the globe.

Now, JWT Intelligence has published a report titled AnxietyIndex 2013 Global Report: “In the latest installment of our research around the levels, intensity, and drivers of anxiety around the world, we surveyed 6,075 adults aged 18-plus across 27 markets in Western Europe (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.), Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic and Russia), the Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa), North Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea), South Asia (Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand), North America (Canada and the U.S.) and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico).”

Click the image to access the report.


The High-Tech Brick-and-Mortar Store

11 Apr

We know how aggressively some retailers are using digital technology outside of the store. Now, more firms are becoming whizzes with the “digital brick-and-mortar store.”

According to Olga Kharif, writing for Businessweek: “Retailers that relied on impulse buys, especially along checkout lines, are struggling to keep the attention of consumers. The culprit? Smartphones. Stores are redesigning their floor spaces and product displays to take advantage of new apps designed to encourage shopping.”

Click the terrific Businessweek graphic below for a large view of how a typical digital brick-and-mortar store would operate.

Illustration by Kris Mukai


Where Companies Get Their Consumer Data

27 Feb

No surprise: The best source for companies to acquire data on consumers is the Web.

As eMarketer notes: “Marketers worldwide are continuing to invest in making sense of the surge of data produced by digital interactions with customers—68% said they will increase data-related marketing spending in 2013 and just 3% planned to decrease spending, according to a study by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail Interactive.”

Click the image to learn more.


Social Media and Brands: A Global Perspective

19 Feb

In a recent article, eMarketer reported the results of a research project conducted by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor that examined Internet users’ involvement with brands’ social network pages. The study involved users in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe — encompassing 14 countries in all.

Click the chart to see the full eMarketer story and data for all 14 countries.


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