Will Removing Cookies REALLY Help Privacy?

Online privacy and tracking are topics we have addressed before. In response, Google and Apple, among others, have been working to restrict the use of cookies. In reality, this

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Data Generated Online in 2020

In this era of digital data collection, it is important to be aware of the data generated online in 2020. As we noted in June 2020, there are many questions

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Wrapping Up Our COVID-19 Career Series

Today, we are wrapping up our COVID-19 career series. There are more than THIRTY posts. Of course, we will continue providing career-related information.

In addition, we present a link

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June 12 Recap of Our Current Career Series

Here, we will cite links to all of the posts in our COVID-19 job series. This is our cumulative June 12 recap of our current career series.

In addition, we

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Most Ethical Firms 2020

Since so many people are affected by COVID-19, it is more important than ever to deal with ethical firms. Unfortunately, many scams exist — across multiple goods and services. So,

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