4 Replies to “Segmenting the Valentine’s Day Market”

  1. Many companies, specifically florists and jewelers, earn a great deal of profit for valentines day because people are willing to spend as much as it takes to make their significant other feel happy and special as intended by various advertisements. As a result, the prices of flowers and sometimes jewelry is increased for this short time in order to maximize profit.

  2. Without a doubt, Valentine’s Day is a very expensive holiday. For many couples and those who are still single, money is a huge contributing factor. Between flowers to diamonds, this loving holiday is spread globally. Most businesses benefit from this holiday. In particular, a spa business could benefit from the man purchasing a pure spa day for his lady. The flower shops are jammed with customers with a line out the door. Most companies don’t have to do too much marketing because this national holiday is known and even more known that gifts are needed.

  3. Valentines day is a very pricey holiday. Last year, consumers spent about $18 billion on valentines day. The author of the article divided valentines day consumers into different categories. I thought that this way a creative, funny way to describe each type of shopper. I learned that nearly 4 million people expected to get engaged on valentines day last year. I have been an active valentines day shopper for a few years now. I fall into the category of happily ever after because i have been in a stable relationship for about 4 years now. People in this category usually go above and beyond the normal valentines day traditions to impress their loved ones.

  4. Personally, I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day but I can see the allure to spend varying sums of money in order to satisfy or impress a loved one. One category the article missed, however, is for those people, like me, who find the holiday pointless. This category receives a huge amount of publicity and they also spend large amounts. However, this money is not spent on their significant other, pet or teacher; this money is spent on themselves. The “I Hate Valentine-ers” add their fair share to the valentines economy, choosing to buy something they think will make the lousy day less lousy. Company’s receive a good profit from these people and they should not be forgotten either.

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