Great Service: Be Fast, Friendly, and Helpful

StellaService is a relatively new firm that measures the quality of customer service provided by online retailers.

According to the company:

Dedicated to helping consumers make more informed online shopping

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It’s Not Just About Happy Customers; Angry Customers Matter Too

All companies — large and small — treasure and understand the value of their happiest customers. The number and loyalty of these customers is often the difference between success and

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What Any Marketer Can Learn from Amazon Prime

Although some firms truly get the value of strong customer loyalty programs, there are others that still don’t. The current king of customer loyalty programs is Amazon with

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2014 Customer Champions

1to1 Media recently released its 2014 Customer Champions report. This is how it defines customer champion:

“Behind every successful enterprise-wide customer strategy is an individual who tirelessly evangelizes the customer

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