StellaService is a relatively new firm that measures the quality of customer service provided by online retailers.

According to the company:

Dedicated to helping consumers make more informed online shopping decisions, StellaService is the first and only independent provider of customer service ratings for online retailers. Using its proprietary, rigorous evaluation system, StellaService rates thousands of retailers each year across a broad array of criteria, including usability and online tools, shipping and returns, and customer support. To maintain its independence and objectivity, StellaService pays for all products it purchases and relies on its staff of trained, full-time customer experience analysts to test the companies it evaluates. Based in New York City, the company also publishes reports and other research to help companies worldwide improve their service operations.”

Here’s a short video about customer service and StellaService.


StellaService: Be Fast, Friendly and Helpful from StellaService on Vimeo.


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  1. Before reading this article, I have never even heard of StellaService. But now that I have, I am definitely going to look more into because it seems to helpful. They seem like a very trustworthy service who really does value their customer base, which in my opinion, is one of the most important things a company must put forth. I really like their guarantee of 8 minutes of waiting on the phone because it shows they do care about the customer, unlike other companies where I’ll be waiting on the phone for at least 15-30 minutes. After watching this video and seeing their value in the customer, I will definitely look into StellaService.

  2. In my mind it is an interesting service to test customer services that online retailers provide and will take benefits to both customers and retailers. StellaService enters into a niche service market because in the online retail market few agencies especially focus on this kind of relationship through improving customer services although they usually understand how important it is. Also in the video the jobs in StellaService buying things online and returning them attract me for they are we often say professional buyers.

  3. I believe that Stella service is a great company and will serve as stool for advancement in the future. The company truly exposes the customer service experience for online retailers. Before this type of service many companies had their own system where you can send reviews on their customer service experience, but these reviews were not made public for a majority of the companies. The fact that these reviews are made public is very important because this will force online retailers to hire more competent employees in the human resource departments. This will increase the consumer experience and most likely increase sales for companies, so for me this company will help improve business around the world.

  4. I heard about customer service before. It should from hotel comfortable service. A company will find different people to live in the any room of one hotel and find if they are comfortable. I think it is important for hotel because now most hotel are very nice like home and it do give customers good service. For online service, it is intangible. How to measure? How to rate them? That is a big question. I know this is new career for them to do this. I hope this company could give us a good performance to improve the e-commerce service.

  5. I haven’t heard of StellaService until now, but I’ll be using this tool now to help me with online shopping. I don’t usually use new websites because I’m unsure about the returns, customer service, etc. and often end up with trusty Amazon for everything I need.

  6. Costumer service is one of the most important aspects for a company. Poor costumer service can drive away guests and great consumer service can ensure repeated consumers and more consumers because you have your loyal consumer telling others about your great service and product. As stated in this article, being helpful, kind, and quick is a great way to ensure guests are happy and have a great experience at your store to ensure they will come back.

  7. Stella Service is what the consumer population needs, an unbiased firm that can accurately rate the service of a business. Choosing a new company to perform business with can be risky because one is not aware of the customer service that it may provide. Before choosing a new company, a person must rely on reviews of others and sometimes those reviews can be biased, which would make it unreliable. This firm appears to be the unbiased solution new consumers need in order to make informed decisions on a company’s performance, especially in the customer service aspect.

  8. StellaService clearly offers a beneficial service for consumers. Especially, for a consumer like myself who likes to research and compare alternative websites that sell the same good. Initially the business mission of StellaService reminded me of a website called “Angie’s list”. However, “Angie’s list” provides reviews for tangible service jobs rather that online stores. It also differs because While Angie’s list provides a list of consumer reviews, StellaService reviews online stores themselves by purchasing products. Thus, creating a more objective and unbiased platform. After typing a few online stores that I use into the StellaService Search bar, I became very impressed with the information that the website provided. Information such as ease of returns, and speed of shipment. All of which I felt was accurately rated.
    -Matthew LoBiondo
    MKT 101 MW

  9. Stella Services offers a valuable service to both consumers and companies. As the video stated, when all else is equal, customer service has the ability to put one firm ahead of another. This point seems to be more and more true in today’s technologically enhanced and connected world. Companies have more ways to know their customers and as a result, it seems as though customers are expecting to be known. Stella Services has the ability to help customers by informing them as to what to expect when interacting with a company and can help companies by not only showing them where they need to improve in customer services, but also how they measure against their competition. This is a very interesting concept for a business and I think we can expect to see more companies like Stella Services created in the near future.

  10. ambiguity of many online retailers is the most reoccurring reason for being skeptical about purchasing something online for myself. Many smaller online retailers have parts and products at great prices, but suffer from not being the popular retailer. Also, I am very concerned with the reliability of those retailers, especially if the part is expensive. Stella Services seems to be a possible solution to this concern, and i do plan on looking into it on future online purchases.

  11. Stella Services is an innovation for both consumers and companies.This service has the ability to inform customers what to expect with this company as well as inform companies where there areas of weaknesses are. Companies have more ways to know their customers and as a result, it seems as though customers are expecting to be known.

  12. This company creates a standard in an area that it seems nearly impossible to do so. Customer service is an intangible broad topic that seems impossible to measure, and they have made a business of it. I am impressed on the various details they broke down in order to assess another company. In doing so, they have made it possible to set a specific standard for the company to provide and consumers to expect thus helping sales and business’ all alike.

  13. This company needs to have a full access to its customer’s retail database and systems, but I would not be so sure about a service provider working with other competitors and sharing information.

  14. I think this idea of evaluation those customer service of e-commerce companies is really creative and practical. As e-commerce companies, it is hard for them to collect all the feedback from customer because they do not have face to face communication. Some companies have rating for product, which is easier for customer to rate the product than ask them to have words feedback. However, StellaService could stand in a customer’s view to fairly give the rate and feedback of various companies and consequent a overall industry report for companies, which could help company to better define and improve its product and service.

  15. I think the mode of services that Stella Services offered is very creative and unique. I can help companies to know their customer services satisfaction, meanwhile, customers can also feel that companies’ services. It’s a good way to improve customers’ satisfaction and help company to know their customer services performance. This way can help company increase repeat customers and improve sales.

  16. We all know the importance of customer services for e-commerce companies. Now it is even more critical because customers can easily compare the customer services and make purchase decision based upon StellaServices. So for marketers, things become to be more challenging. They have to be careful on their customer services. Amazon is a perfect example of company conducting good customer service – Be fast, friendly and helpful.

  17. For the online retailers , the service quality is really important. This company just provides a assessment system to help online retailers have more insight of their service aspect. I think more and more companies will become the clients for this company and I think every companies should have scientific approach their service quality.

  18. Fast, friendly, helpful. could be the standard of good service
    No matter you are in a restaruant and just finishi ordering, or in a furniture store picking one sofa, or shopping oneline, what you are expectinf from the service can be concluded by these three words.
    As marketers, service is a tool to creat good brand image, increase loyal customer, and add value to product. So for every business, service should reach fast helpful and friendly. And give customers a survay could help improve the service

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