Leveraging Consumer Insights

When companies use social media to interact with consumers, they need to do four things:

  1. Present messages that provide the consumers with value-added content to THEM.
  2. Read the responses that
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Is Axe Going Too Far in Its Ads (Wink! Wink!)?

Unilever’s Axe brand, which is targeted toward young adults, frequently pushes the envelope with its advertising. This is once again evident in a new campaign aimed at college students.


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Athletes Do Good Deeds, Too!

The misdeeds of athletes are reported and blogged about on a regular basis (see, for example, http://evansonmarketing.com/2012/08/15/how-does-sports-marketing-overcome-the-taint-of-bad-behavior). So when athletes do good deeds, they need to be publicized

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