New Tool in the Fake Product Wars

Yesterday, we looked at shopping gullibility. To appeal to unaware customers, one widely-used tactic involves selling fake products as authentic. Now, there is a promising new tool in the

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New Adidas App for “Sneakerheads”

There are millions and millions of apps out there — some better than others. 🙂 One clever new app is from Adidas, called Confirmed.

As described by Kyle Stock

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Adidas’ View of the World Cup

The upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil will the world’s most viewed sporting event of the event of the year — yes, more viewers than for the Super Bowl.


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A Talking Shoe?

Google and Adidas have partnered to develop a talking shoe. Huh, a talking SHOE?

As reported by Advertising Age: “Ready for your shoes to judge your lazy butt? Google

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