Yesterday, we looked at shopping gullibility. To appeal to unaware customers, one widely-used tactic involves selling fake products as authentic. Now, there is a promising new tool in the fake product wars. Promising, but complex to use.

For information on the widespread nature of counterfeit products, read this article. Countries and Industries Most Affected by Counterfeiting. 


Will This Work? New Tool in the Fake Product Wars

According to Zippy Digital:

Even today, pretend [fake] pairs of fashionable Nike and Adidas sneakers are rampant within the resale sector. Not too long ago,  authorities busted a counterfeiting operation that shipped $470 million value of pretend Nikes to the United States.”

“Yet soon, this  issue might be extra manageable. Recently, product authentication expertise supplier Entrupy launched its Legit Verify Tech (LCT) resolution, a tool that makes use of synthetic intelligence to find out whether or not a sneaker is counterfeit or not – and it solely takes a couple of minute to make use of.”

Although this new product may be promising, it consists of many steps on the part of the consumer. This may affect LCT’s popularity. Thus:

“Entrupy already supplies an authentication resolution for luxury purses. For sneakers, its plan involves promoting new-sneaker authentication gadgets to retailers. As well as other high-level resellers. The aim — to allow authentication specialists to reduce potential errors in verification.”


How LCT Works

Legit Verify Tech includes these steps. [Steps from Zippy Digital. Images by Shoshy Ciment/Enterprise Insider.] 

First, you decide the pair you wish to test and join your telephone to the expertise’s corresponding app.

Then, you select the model of sneaker within the app: Nike or Adidas. 

Subsequently, snap a photograph of the shoe’s tag with your phone.

New Tool in the Fake Product Wars

After which, place every shoe of the pair into the machine, one after the other, beginning with the left one first.

New Tool in the Fake Product Wars


The machine uses eight cameras that concurrently snap photographs of the shoe from a number of angles.

Next, repeat the identical course of action for the other shoe within the pair.

Synthetic intelligence then analyzes the photographs and determines a outcome. Both the sneakers get verified. Or they’re unable to be recognized.

It takes about 60 seconds on average to finish one pair’s authentication. The machine works for a wide range of Nike and Adidas sneakers.


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