There are millions and millions of apps out there — some better than others. 🙂 One clever new app is from Adidas, called Confirmed.

As described by Kyle Stock for Bloomberg:

“Are limited-edition sneakers still special when buyers can reserve them via an app, like a pizza or a pair of movie tickets? Adidas hopes so. The German sportswear giant just launched Confirmed, a mobile platform that will let sneakerheads skip the long lines at Foot Locker, obscure shoe lotteries, and the occasional disturbance of the peace that come with the sale of a rare pair of shoes. ‘You hear a lot of chatter and frustration that the existing system is somehow rigged for friends of friends or VIP customers,’ said Simon Atkins, the company’s vice president of brand activation. ‘We saw a real opportunity to change the paradigm with customers.'”

“Here’s how it works: Consumers who download the app, register with personal details, and allow push notifications from Adidas will get offers to reserve limited-edition shoes and apparel as they become available. Those who respond first are given the right to buy the products at a certain time and place, both in Adidas-owned stores and other retailers.”

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A pair of Adidas “Year of the Goat” sneakers celebrating the Chinese New Year that go on sale on Feb. 19 for $130.


13 Replies to “New Adidas App for “Sneakerheads””

  1. The Adidas app is one of the best apps for sneaker heads, it will notify you when you when a new sneaker comes out. I actually have the app and today Kanye West Yeezys sneakers are coming out. Only 3 thousand will be made so I am going to try to buy one at 250-350 dollars this way I can sell them on Ebay for 5 thousand dollars. If you are smart you can utilize this app for profits. I would recommend others to do the same. I dont really go crazy over sneakers but using it for this is the best way.

    1. The Adidas app is created for the typical “sneaker head”. This app is innovative and helpful to today’s society. Some features this app may have are it lets customers skip lines, get limited edition offers on apparel and shoes as they become available and lets you respond to the offers. But, this is first come first serve. Those who respond first are then given a place and a time to continue with the process. Personally, I am not a sneaker head but for people who are this app is very market friendly towards them. This app is successful because they target the most important part of today’s world, technology. Smart phones are the fastest way to get information out and Adidas has captured that concept. They want the rush of their “newest shoe” to get out. They achieved this by targeting the fastest and most efficient way, through the smart phone.

  2. I think this app is just another step forward in a technologically-run world. Many consumers prefer ordering online for the avoidance of crazy lines and time wasted [especially in the case of a limited product], so it makes sense that Adidas would also move forward to reward dedicated customers with an even easier way to receive their products. It seems like a really smart move to keep customers satisfied.

  3. In regards to the central point of exclusivity, the Adidas app is not undermining the VIP process. By allowing customers more immediate access to exclusive products, sales and deals without having to wait in line, I think this is a step forward not just in marketing, but also in terms of ethics. I for one am sick and tired of hearing about people having to wait in line to get the newest IPhone or other new toy. If we’re going to purchase our exclusive products, we don’t have to suffer to get them. The fact there is a limited number of the products produced should be enough to justify exclusivity.

  4. This Adidas app is great idea, and shows how the world is really revolving. In the past, people would always go to stores and be disappointing with their item not being in stock, but this app allows people to know when their item is available and where it is available. Instead of people paying excess amount of money to look online and pay a high price, they can find the store and receive their item

  5. I am not a sneaker head, but I am a sneaker fan and I have my tiny business about resell sneakers on We Chat which is focus on Chinese market and eBay which is focus on the United States. There is no doubt that Adidas Confirmed has changed the sneaker game forever. By the way, in the all-star game weekend, Nike also released its sneaker app. These two apps will destroy the bots which are little programs that can help people add their products in their carts on limited sneakers. I observed the Nike app through this weekend. It has destroyed the bots. Because people who has the Nike app can have their own link to buy the limited sneakers first. Therefore, although some customers can use bots to cop their sneakers, in this time they do not have the access any more. I want to say these two apps can let more people who really need the sneakers to get their sneakers. Also this action will shut down the resell market on sneakers, so that their customers will feel comfortable and fair.

  6. I feel like this is very similar to the process of “pre-ordering.” I find it interesting however that it is still a first come first serve scenario because you have to sign up for push notifications and then as soon as Adidas pushes you a notification that says that a particular shoe is available then you have to go to some website and buy it.

  7. I think this is a great idea for an app. My sister is a sneaker head and loves to collect sneakers so this app will help her get the sneaker she wants because she has VIP access to it. This is similar to pre-ordering and to me it is the same thing because in both cases you are getting the shoe as soon as it comes out. The app is easier because its just one click rather than logging on to a website. I personally won’t download the app because I will not buy their shoes anymore after they decided to create a shoe line with Kanye West. I hope many people do not buy from them as well because they made a poor decision by supporting someone who idolizes themselves and is rude to others.

  8. I’m not a sneaker head myself but I defiantly see how this could help those that are. Waiting on those long lines is annoying and it is true that some people might have better connections than others who would be able to get the shoe quicker than someone else can. This app allows people form the comfort of their homes or wherever they are to know when the latest shoe is coming out and allow them to purchase it on the spot. I think this will give more people an equal opportunity and make Adidas more money.

  9. I think that this is very smart of Adidas. After all, they are allowing their dedicated customers opportunities to purchase new limited edition gear first hand. On the other hand, i do not know how successful this app is going to be. Everyone uses google and the internet on their phones these days so I do not think that an app is really necessary. Also, some people are not comfortable putting their billing and shipping information into apps because they can be hacked very easily. It only makes me wonder how successful this app is going to be and how much business it is going to generate for Adidas.

    MTK MW

  10. This Adidas app is one of the top apps for sneakerheads. It sort of modernizes twitter drawings for people to get exclusive sneakers. Since this Adidas app came out Nike make a similar app called SNKRS utilizing essentially the same idea.

  11. Adidas is one of my favorite brands in sneakers. But the limited editions really drive me crazy since I have to wait for hours in the queue. The app is clearly a smart move due to the fact that I barely checked the promotions email from Adidas but check the news from the app on a daily basis. The new retailing methodology enlarges the number of audiences who are willing to check the updates from Adidas and want to respond as soon as possible if they get the offer of limited editions.

  12. As a sneaker head myself i find this app to be a great idea. Every Saturday when a new pair of shoes come out there are countless people standing outside the mall waiting for hours and hours in line. However, with an app such as this there would be no need and many people would save lots and lots of time. Also, Adidas gets a good part of the deal as they guarantee sales way ahead of time as well as pushing notifications on each phone of tablet.

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