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Tips to Get YOUR Dream Job

8 Mar

We’d all like to have a great job. And strong career path prospects. Thus, today we cover tips to get YOUR dream job. See the infographic below.

First, take a look at any of these posts that apply to you. Because of the priority that Evans on Marketing places on career happiness, the posts are all within the past 3 months:

As YOU look ahead, what is your dream job (career)? What are your strengths that will make you a superior candidate for that job? Also, what are the weaknesses that you must work on to become a better job candidate? And what are you doing to minimize these weaknesses? Overcome any complacency that you may possess.


Tips to Get YOUR Dream Job — An Infographic

According to Jack Milgram, writer and blogger:

“In life, enjoying your job is extremely important. And the closer your job is to the one you imagine in your dreams – the better. Some people struggle to find their dream job their whole life. Others get it by a happy accident. There are also those who just do their best and eventually get what they want.”

“Our infographic is going to help you with getting your dream job. You’ll learn how to write a winning resume, gain control over your body language, and ace any job interview. Check it out!”

Click the infographic to see  a larger version.

Overall, what do YOU think are the most important tips in the infographic? What actions will YOU take to enhance your skill set? And better position yourself to get your dream job? [Be sure to be honest with yourself. Don’t overestimate your skills. Be realistic!! Be ready for your next career move.]


Tips to Get YOUR Dream Job -- An Infographic

Improve Your Career Planning: A Slideshow and Two Videos

13 May

Here are three very different types of information that should aid you in career planning:

“How much you make is a topic few people like to reveal. It’s considered impolite in many circles and it’s also fairly subjective, depending on your position and skill level, as well as gender, age, and race, among other factors.”

“To better understand where you really fall on the income scale, Creditrepair.com broke down the median income in the U.S. by education, age, race, geography and gender using Census Bureau data. How does your paycheck stack up?”

Click on the chart to see a very information-filled slideshow.


“Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat. However, just about every business owner who has created a sustainable self-employed career, will tell you that they wouldn’t have achieved their goals, without guidance from others. They’re not afraid to ask for help, take great business advice, and adjust their strategies based on insights from those who’ve done well before them.”

“Most accomplished entrepreneurs are successful in a large part, because they’ve made it a point to surround themselves with trusted advisors, mentors, and industry experts. That’s why we asked these top business leaders to share their single most impactful piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Click the link above to read more by Robinson and take a look at the video below.


“You’re doing everything right at work, taking all the right advice, but you’re just not moving up. Why? Susan Colantuono shares a simple, surprising piece of advice you might not have heard before quite so plainly. This talk, while aimed at an audience of women, has universal takeaways — for men and women, new grads, and mid-career workers.”



Can YOU Cut It as An Entrepreneur?

8 Mar

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? The potential may be great; but the risks may be high too. Below, you will find an entrepreneur’s quiz.

We have posted several times on entrepreneurship, such as:

Now, here is a quiz for YOU to take. Do YOU have the right stuff to be an entrepreneur? The quiz is by Steve Strauss, writing for TheSelfEmployed.Com:

“Ask yourself: Does the idea of leaving your job and paycheck and benefits frighten you more or excite you more? Excitement and fear are my beginning criteria because starting a business is not for everyone and you better be darned sure that you will like it before risking a lot of time, money and your  reputation on a new idea. But let’s drill down a little deeper. To help, I have created a short quiz. It will help you evaluate your qualifications. (But please, as you answer, be honest with yourself. It doesn’t help you at all to get an answer ‘right’ if it really is not true for you.)”

Click the image to access the quiz!

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