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A Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analysis

15 Dec

Want to learn more about marketing metrics? If yes, check out this 70-page report from Marketo, which specializes in marketing automation and sales effectiveness software.



Social Media for B2B Experts and Content Marketers

15 Nov

exploreB2B has published an excellent article on content marketing online, including business-to-business marketing.

Click the infographic to access the full report.



Measuring the Effectiveness of Twitter and Facebook

6 Nov
Finally have power. Yea.


Many firms are actively involved on Twitter and Facebook, but not adequately studying the return on investment (ROI) from their investments at the these social media sites.

Now, InventHelp has generated some useful ROI data. Look at this infographic.


Ever Think of Creating a Video Resume?

5 Nov

You know you are great. Your family knows you are great. Your friends know you are great. But how do you get potential employers to think you are great? How about presenting yourself in a way that is still used sparingly: a video resume clip?

We’re marketers. So think outside the box. [BTY: This does not replace the standard resume. It complements it.]

View Julie Marateck’s Vimeo video clip that is a “career narrative about my skills and awesomeness in less than 2 minutes.” Do not focus on the quality of the video or whether you would include things that Julie does. FOCUS ON THE CONCEPT OF A VIDEO RESUME.

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