You know you are great. Your family knows you are great. Your friends know you are great. But how do you get potential employers to think you are great? How about presenting yourself in a way that is still used sparingly: a video resume clip?

We’re marketers. So think outside the box. [BTY: This does not replace the standard resume. It complements it.]

View Julie Marateck’s Vimeo video clip that is a “career narrative about my skills and awesomeness in less than 2 minutes.” Do not focus on the quality of the video or whether you would include things that Julie does. FOCUS ON THE CONCEPT OF A VIDEO RESUME.

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7 Replies to “Ever Think of Creating a Video Resume?”

  1. I have seen one vedio resume several years ago in youtube, and until now I still think it is a good way to present ourselves.

  2. I enjoy the concept and creativeness by Julie’s idea of a video resume. When applying for jobs, one of the hardest components is not ony getting a chance to have your resume be read, but also to standout from the rest of the application pool. As marketers you need to be able to market yourself first to get the job before you can begin marketing for the job!

  3. The concept sounds like an entertaining idea that helps people stand out from the hundreds of resumes that organizations receive for job postings. I do not see a lot of industries adopting this concept in their recruiting process. I believe this is something that will be utilized in the marketing/entertainment/sports industries.

  4. I think this is an amazing idea. My company was going through the process of hiring sales reps in the Princeton, NJ area and everyone did the same thing. They submit a standard resume through Monster or CareerBuilder and just kept E-Mailing. With the job market the way it is, everyone wants to stand out, and if an applicant had sent a video resume in conjunction with the standard one, they definitely would have stood out from the hundreds of other applicants that my partners and I were reviewing. I agree with Zeke that is may not work in all industries it would work in the many especially in marketing.

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