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Oracle Uses B2B Videos Well

3 Nov

Oracle is a leader in business-to-business (B2B) software and cloud applications. For 2017, it is listed ninth largest worldwide among B2B firms in sales. It is quite active regarding the Internet of Things. And Oracle uses B2B videos well to help market its products. The firm has a YouTube channel with over 1,250 videos.

A while back, we discussed What Works in B2B Marketing and Social Media. Now, we examine the growing role of videos for B2B firms.


Background: B2B Firms and Video

Consider these comments from Jeremy Goldman (Founder and CEO, Firebrand Group), writing for Inc.:

“Some customers are harder to find. There’s plenty of consumer-facing video out there these days. But what about the B2B crowd? That’s something I’ve been following quite closely, ever since Firebrand Group released its Future of Video 2017 report in Q4 ’16 (the follow-up due out the same time in 2017).”

“By the end of 2017, 74 percent of all Internet traffic is expected be video. 79 percent of B2B marketers use video as part of their content strategy. And 69 percent consider it to be an effective tactic. 7 in 10 B2B marketers believe video to be more effective than any other form of content to convert qualified leads. When it comes to ROI, 73 percent of B2B companies say video marketing has a positive impact. Marketers who insert the word “video” in the subject line of an E-mail see open rates jump 19 percent. In addition, they experience 65 percent higher click-throughs, with unsubscribes dropping 26 percent.”


Oracle Uses B2B Videos Well: Overview

What exactly is Oracle? “Today, 430,000 customers in 175 countries use Oracle technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges. Oracle supports customers on every step of the digital journey, with consulting, financing, support, and training services.”

As noted at the start of this post, Oracle is a great practitioner of video marketing. Watch this first video for an overview.



Now look at these two videos for specific B2B Oracle examples.



Oracle Uses B2B Videos Well: Lessons to Learn

According to Firebrand Group’s Goldman, B2B marketers can learn six lessons from Oracle:

  1. Involve the customer — 98% of Fortune 500 companies use Oracle. And the firm has highly credible, satisfied customers singing its praises. Given that, why not let those customers create engaging content for your?”
  2. Understand consumer preferences — B2B enterprises often draw few viewers because they don’t keep pace with consumer preferences. Oracle’s CX Factor re-imagines the customer testimonial as engaging content as opposed to a sleepy testimonial. Oracle clients share experiences throughout the customer journey.”
  3. Don’t shy away from humor and entertainment — Most people would rather watch prank, entertainment, or how-to videos than a typical B2B video. Yet, if the video is funny, educational, and fast-paced, there’s a good chance your audience will watch and possibly share.”
  4. Make it identifiable — B2B brands can create a ‘day-in-the-life’ experience with current customers and shoot it in an entertaining and compelling way. These stories resonate with prospective customers who need the same problems solved.”
  5. Think about the funnel — Set up a lead funnel for videos. If you’re talking about a pain point that you solve in the video, make sure to have an E-book or infographic a user can download after the video is over.”
  6. Involve Influencers — Find a customer pain point, illustrate it, and then get influencers to show prospective customers how to solve their problem using your product. It comes across far better when done by an influencer.”


Click the image to read more advice from Goldman.

Oracle Uses B2B Videos Well. How the enterprise software giant reinvented the testimonial - to great effect.

Credit: Getty Images


Which Are the Leading B2B Firms?

23 Mar

A lot of public attention is paid to business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, far more than to business-to-business (B2B) firms — even though B2B firms generate trillions of dollars of revenue per year. Interestingly, some of the leaders in B2B are also leaders in B2B!

To partly close the public visibility gap, Sacunas annually publishes a list of the top 100 business-to-business companies:

“We believe the best brands don’t just command the most market share; they’re the companies that also make experience a part of their success. We took a holistic approach to identifying the Top 100 Global B2B Brands of 2016 to find those that focused on more than revenue. We measured multiple brand data points across their people, products, digital footprints, market command, and innovation. Our companies to watch are digitally-savvy market leaders who will be defining their industry landscapes for 2017. They are forward thinkers who know how to push the right boundaries, treat employees, and simply have some serious B2B swag.”

“In today’s economy, price point no longer defines market share; experiences are the strategic differentiator for brands. Consumers, especially millennials, are willing to pay a premium for optimally designed experiences. The companies that rose to our top ten B2B brands are experience connoisseurs – they know how to design for their customers and end consumers. These companies not only do their research and make great products, but they also design seamless experiences and invest significantly in innovation – driving the design economy towards the next big thing.”

The top 5 organizations in the new B2B list are [click the company names to see why]:

  1. Google/Alphabet
  2. General Electric
  3. Intel
  4. AECOM
  5. Apple

Note: About 15 of the top 100 B2B firms also have a significant in B2C markets.
Click the image to see the full list of 100 organizations.


An Infographic Dictionary for Business Founders

20 Mar

Often times, the lingo involved with startups is in a class by itself. So, what terminology is essential for business founders to know?

As Pedro Sanchez de Lozada writes for Udemy, an online educational firm:

“Silicon Valley not only has its share of startups and founders. It has its own lucrative lingo. Outsiders need time to adjust to such new-found words. Though we see this same lingo popping up in places like New York, Boston, Portland and LA, the Valley is home to some of the most outrageously butchered start-up buzzwords.”

“If you are just visiting, here for a long-term stay, or moving all together, I suggest you become familiar with how the left coasters chat. You may need to know this at your next pitch. Oh, and more importantly, don’t take these definitions too seriously.”

Check out Udemy’s “Founder’s Dictionary.”


Fraud and Brand Safety Are Key to Ad Buyers

23 Feb

What factors are important to digital advertising buyers?

According to eMarketer:

“From the looks of it, ad fraud, viewability, and brand safety may turn out to be big digital ad buzz phrases this year. In a November 2014 study by Integral Ad Science, these emerged as the three most important aspects of media quality among US digital media buyers. One-third of respondents in this group ranked ad fraud as No. 1, while brand safety accounted for 26% of responses and viewability over one-fifth.”

 Click the image to read more.


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