Apple Cuts Back on iPod Product Line

In 1979, the Sony Walkman revolutionized the portable music industry. It was marketed for 30 years; and 400 million units were sold. The Walkman’s decline and ultimate demise was brought

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The Impact of an Industry’s Life Cycle on a Company

This post nicely complements our discussion about Apple’s recent performance. We look at the impact of an industry’s life cycle on a company.


The PLC: The Impact of

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Cereal Continues to Lose Its Popularity

Are you a cereal eater these days? Did you used to be? What can marketers do today to increase your cereal consumption? 🙂

As Stephanie Strom reports for the New

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Is Sony in a Temporary or Permanent Decline?

Sony used to truly be iconic — both the company and its products. It was innovative across several product lines. Sony was a global consumer electronics leader. But, over the

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