Bloomberg 2016 Forecasts

About this time each year, a number of well-known, reliable sources produce their forecasts for the  following year.

Bloomberg (via its Bloomberg Businessweek) has just published its “The Year

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Businessweek’s 85 Big Ideas over the Last 85 Years

In honor of its 85th anniversary, Bloomberg Businessweek recently published an interesting — and highly debatable — special issue titled “85 Years, 85 Ideas.” In this issue, Businessweek identified and

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Interested in Sports Or Entertainment Marketing ?

Do you have an interest in sports or entertainment marketing? If yes, then check out these three sites:


Entertainment Marketing

“This site is designed specifically for entertainment marketers.

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The Importance of Product Design in a Marketing Strategy

An important principle for marketers is that innovation does not only mean technological breakthroughs. There can be design innovations that are distinctive and give companies a competitive edge.

In the

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Businessweek Calls ESPN the “Everywhere Sports Profit Network”

In a Businessweek cover story, Karl Taro Greenfeld, reports on ESPN’s ever-growing presence as a sports marketing behemoth: “The company‚Äôs revenues are growing at 9 percent a year, with

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