Over the summer, we examined the use of influencers in business-to-business marketing. Now, we look to the future with B2B influencer marketing in 2021.


Onalytica Research on B2B Influencer Marketing in 2021

Lately, more has been written about influencer marketing in a B2C setting. However, today, we see greater research on influencer marketing a B2B setting than before.

Recently, Onaltytica surveyed hundreds of B2B influencers. As a result, it found the following: 

Influencer marketing has become more central to B2B brands’ marketing strategies. As well as better integrated into their content and social media activities. Then throw in the global pandemic we all currently face. This further accelerated the shift to digital.

Like any industry that experiences a boom, we find lessons to learn and improvements to be made. In B2B, influencers come in all shapes and sizes with different skills, requirements, and motivations. Thus, brands need to collaborate and treat them accordingly.

B2C influencer marketing largely focuses around product marketing and driving product sales. Whereas in B2B, brands leverage influencers for everything from crisis communications and managing brand perception. To thought leadership. and consulting. To speaking at events and testing and launching products.

Key trends in this report:

  1. Always-on campaigns succeed more often for both influencers and marketers compared with one-off campaigns.
  2. Quality of outreach and research mean a lot and strongly link to campaign success.
  3. Influencers prefer contacts by Senior Execs and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Thereby, highlighting the power of connecting influencer marketing with employee advocacy.
  4. Most industries see no changes or increased work as the key trend throughout the pandemic – highlighting the increasing need for influencers.

To access the full report, click the image. Then, scroll down that screen and click the download button. [Free login required.]

B2B Influencer Marketing in 2021

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