Just as with final consumers, B2B consumers go through steps when buying products. In this post, we review a B2B purchase process funnel.

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An Infographic Look at the B2B Purchase Process Funnel

Often, business-to business consumers go through multiple shopping steps. Below, three steps are emphasized. (1) Awareness. (2) Evaluation. (3) Purchase.

According to Dan McGaw, writing for utm.io:

“The first stage in a B2B content marketing funnel is awareness At this stage, you need to focus on creating educational content for your audience to attract them to your brand. This content is aimed at building brand awareness and driving Web site traffic. Among the best forms of content that you can use in this stage are blog posts, infographics, guest posts, etc. In fact, nearly 73% of B2B marketers say that blog posts are the most effective at this stage.”

“Next, your prospects move to the second stage, evaluation. In this stage, they mainly evaluate your business and your products. Thus, your goal should be to help them learn more about your brand and your products. The best way to help them do so is by creating information that they can access freely. Your content should be able to build their trust and prove your authenticity to them. The best content for this stage is whitepapers. They help build your brand’s credibility. Furthermore, about 53% of B2B marketers say they are the most effective form of content at this stage. The other types of content you can use here include podcasts, guides, checklists, etc.”

“The third stage of a B2B content marketing funnel is the purchase. At this point, your goal should be to convince your leads to buy from you. The content that you create must clearly showcase your value proposition and help close the sale. That’s why content that shows how others are benefiting from using your products or services works very well here. Some of the best content formats in this stage are case studies, trials, reviews, etc.”

B2B Purchase Process Funnel

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  1. Interestingly, blog post is the most effective way to raise consumers’ awareness in B2B. Z generations and millennials are keen to use social networks, making social platforms such as Instagram important means of communication for B2C. These highlight the importance of mobile devices and digital media in today’s marketing.

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