In marketing technology, we must remember that business-to-business (B2B) buyers represent a large share of the market. For that reason, it is vital to use the best marketing content for selling technology to B2B buyers.

Overall, the marketing of technology cuts across many topics. And in both the B2C and B2B segments of the marketplace. For example:

Now, let’s cover marketing content and the B2B buyer.


Marketing Content for Selling Technology to B2B Buyers

In general, the marketing content presented to B2B technology buyers must differ from that presented to final consumers.

As Kaitlin Loyal notes for Scribewise:

“B2B technology buyers thirst for knowledge. Their jobs change incredibly fast. And it’s very important that they keep pace with the latest innovations. In that way, they keep their firms on the cutting edge. Also, they help them run securely and efficiently. Yet, finding reliable, believable information is not always easy.”

“And that’s an opportunity for B2B technology firms. CTOs (chief technology officers) and CIOs (chief information officers) consume technology content marketing. They read white papers, E-Books, blog posts, etc. They look for helpful information. But not too sales-oriented. Firms that deliver build a trust-based relationship with their customers and prospects. In the long run, that type of relationship can mean shorter sales cycles and more sales.”

To show the impact of high-quality, thought leadership-oriented content, Scribewise has created the following infographic. It details the importance of developing and delivering content to the high-tech market.


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