Crafting an E-Commerce Customer Service Strategy

Earlier this year, we highlighted Adverity’s E-Commerce Analytics Handbook. Throughout this handbook, online customer service is included. Therefore, we now look at crafting an E-commerce customer service strategy.


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How and Why We Are Tracked Online

Over the years, we have written about privacy issues roughly 400 times. As we continue noting, things keep getting worse. Not better. Thus, we look at how and why

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Why Consumers Cancel Companies

As we know, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction plays a huge role in repeat purchase behavior. But a central question continues to be why consumers cancel companies,


Interesting Top Reason Why

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New FCC Rules in the Fight Against Robocalls

Since we last wrote about robocalls two years ago, the situation has only gotten worse. Both legitimate marketers and consumers are fed up. And they want more action to

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Handling Our Online Privacy Better

Through the years, we have written about privacy issues more than 100 times. Involving both B2C and B2B situations. And we know that matters keep getting worse. Yes, the

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