Evans on Marketing devotes an entire category to business-to-business (B2B) marketing. It is that important and that distinctive from B2C marketing. With this in mind, we examine B2B marketing trends in 2022.


From HubSpot: B2B Marketing Trends in 2022

Recently, HubSpot published The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2022″ by Allie Decker. Here, we highlight several key trends:

  1. Marketers report ‘measuring the ROI of marketing activities’ will be their number one challenge in 2022. In fact, 30% of marketers marked “measuring the ROI of your marketing activities” as the number one challenge they believe they’ll face in 2022.
  2. The majority of B2B marketers plan to increase investments in influencer marketing. As a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen an immense shift in how consumers’ shop, with the majority now shopping online — and purchasing products directly on social media. It makes sense, then, that B2B marketers want to ensure their products or services show up on social channels with influencer partnerships.
  3. 42% of B2B marketers plan to increase their investments in case studies in 2022. They want to learn from other businesses. Case studies are exceptional opportunities to inspire or educate your audience with real-life examples of other companies’ stories. 
  4. The number one goal for B2B marketers in 2022 is ‘increasing brand awareness’. Understanding your big-picture goals is imperative for an effective marketing strategy for 2022. Roughly half of B2B marketers report that ‘increasing brand awareness’ as their number one goal. Brand awareness is critical for fostering trust, long-term loyalty, and brand equity. It makes sense, then, that so many marketers feel it’s critical for long-term success.

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B2B Marketing Trends in 2022

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