Last January, we presented EOM’s most popular posts for 2020. Today, we cite our ten most-viewed posts for 2021.

Note: During 2021, we received our greatest number of views and likes. Thank you!!!!

Our Ten Most-Viewed Posts Made in 2021

Evans on Marketing Our Ten Most-Viewed Posts Made in 2021

Here is our 2021 top ten, in alphabetical order. With a brief description of each. Click on the link to access the full posts: 


Burger King Looking to Keep It More Real

Current Inflation Rates by Product Category

The Essential Nature of Employee Retention

Having a Resume That Addresses ATS Software

How Should Companies Respond to Tweets on Twitter?

Pizza Vending Machines in Rome?

Product Management Salaries for 2021

Researching Company Culture in Your Job Search

What’s Ahead for Retailers in 2021

Would You Give Up a Raise to Work at Home?


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