As we noted last week, the Super Bowl is probably the most important U.S. marketing event of any year. Yet, many of us have limited knowledge about the business side of the Super Bowl. To learn more, we now present a Q and A about the business of Super Bowl LVI


Bowling for Dollars: Q and A About the Business of Super Bowl LVI

If you think that planning a Super Bowl is a simple, quickly planned event, WRONG!! For example, the venue of the game gets planned years in advance. Ad rates are set the year before and sold for many months. Sponsors represent both ongoing firms and companies advertising for the first year. The NBC ad time is fully sold out — with 30-second rates as high as $7 million each. Advertisers this year will include cryptocurrency firms and greater emphasis on health and wellness.

For this post, we turn to Ethan Jakob Craft, writing for Ad Age:.

Marketers have been laser-focused on the upcoming game since early last summer. Clamoring for commercial time with such intensity that NBC was almost completely sold out of ad inventory before the NFL season even began. Despite. the cost to air in the Big Game hitting record-setting levels,, advertisers still see the annual football championship as one of the best opportunities to reach consumers en masse.

Ad Age compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Super Bowl and its advertising. As marketers await the most-watched annual event on TV.

How Much Do Ads Cost?

The price of a 30-second commercial in the Big Game fluctuates a bit each year. And even in the same year, it can vary from brand to brand. NBC, which holds the exclusive broadcasting rights for the Super Bowl in 2022, asked an average of $6.5 million for a 30-second ad during the game. Up from 2021, when CBS was seeking around $5.6 million per 30 seconds.

How Sought After Is Ad Time?

NBC has experienced unprecedented demand ahead of Super Bowl LVI. This past July, seven months before kickoff, the network reported it was already 85% sold out of Big Game commercial inventory. An ad sales benchmark usually not reached until January. Much of that interest has been driven by smaller “mid-tier” brands aiming to appear during the Super Bowl for the first time.

When Did the Super Bowl Ad Craze Begin?

When you ask people in ad land which groundbreaking Super Bowl ad first spawned America’s fascination with the game’s commercials, many will point to the same source. The dystopian masterpiece by Chiat/Day and acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott that is Apple’s “1984” ad. The Orwellian spot had a then-unprecedented budget of $1 million, and despite that being its only major airing, the investment swiftly paid off, helping boost the company to $3.5 million in sales of Macintosh computers soon after.

Which Key 2022 Sporting Event Is a Better Ad Investment?

Comparing a commercial in the Super Bowl to one in the Olympics is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. The former has been dubbed the “Big Game” by marketers: It’s a once-a-year opportunity to net about 100 million viewers simultaneously. Events like the Olympics get strung out over two weeks or more. Leading most advertisers to spread their ad buys across several units. In terms of ROI, the Super Bowl is more comparable to live TV events like the Oscars.

Are Ads the Same Everywhere?

While many major Super Bowl advertisers pay millions of dollars for their ads to run nationally, there are also local ads that run across the country. They are less expensive. The Super Bowl’s ads get more different outside of the U.S. To international markets that carry the game. Where brands and broadcast regulations both vary significantly.

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Q and A About the Business of Super Bowl LVI

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