2020 Tokyo Olympics as a Financial Disaster

Last week, we covered the health controversy of holding the 2020 Olympics. Seemingly, the main reason for going ahead is financial. With no fans, a loss of sponsors, reduced

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Why Consumers Cancel Companies

As we know, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction plays a huge role in repeat purchase behavior. But a central question continues to be why consumers cancel companies,


Interesting Top Reason Why

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Celebrity Influencers Make Big Bucks on Instagram

As we have reported before, influencer marketing is growing in popularity. Thereby, enhancing relationships among companies, influencers, and customers. This means certain celebrity influencers make big bucks on Instagram.

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What Is Next for Cybercurrency

A couple of months ago, we wrote about the phenomenon of crypto collectibles. Purchased with cybercurrency. As we enter June 2021, the volatility of cybercurrency is high. What is

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The Continuing Problems with Plastic Waste

Is this issue insurmountable: the continuing problems with plastic waste? Often, it sure seems like it. 

To begin, take a look at these two posts. One is rather negative.

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