We have written about 2,600 posts for Evans on Marketing. Most focused on acting appropriately, whatever the topic. So, what about mistakes to stay away from? Avoid these ten marketing sins.


Be Smart: Avoid These Ten Marketing Sins

Here, we highlight observations from Ellen Kineen, writing from DMN News:

Your marketing tactics from a few years ago could cost you sales rather than boost them. What worked well even last year might come off as tone-deaf or clueless.

  1. Failing to Understand Target Audience — Audiences want to feel the marketer truly understands them. They will know immediately whether this is the case. That’s why doing the research on your target audience before all else is so incredibly necessary.
  2. Ignoring New Technology — So many marketers are left in the dust. They do not adapt to new technologies. With so many online platforms having so many intricate levels, it’s important that marketers stay informed about what audiences are using.
  3. Chasing Competitors — Being a copycat of competitors is the last thing for any marketer. Consumers want new and different. A marketer that digs deeper than its competitors in an honest, authentic way will appeal to consumers.
  4. Not Learning from Competitors and Mentors — Although acting as a second-hand version of your competitors is a sin, being naïve about competition is also detrimental. The smartest marketers know their competitors. And they use this knowledge to improve.
  5. Losing Sight of Customers — Consumers often find advertisements annoying. The only way a they will engage in your campaign is if it relates to their life in some way.
  6. Overloading Audiences with Information — For whatever you try to market and to whomever you’re trying to market, simplicity and conciseness are key.
  7. Leaving Out the Emotion — Marketers must take tackle new perspectives to evoke strong emotions from audiences.
  8. Creating Unintegrated Content — Develop content designed to be shared and posted about multiple times in multiple different places.
  9. Forgetting the Visuals — No one wants to look at something dull and drab. People want eye-catching marketing that makes them feel fresh and excited.
  10. Accepting Too Many Jobs — Saying no to certain jobs allows you more time and energy to create the best possible content for the jobs you take.

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Avoid These Ten Marketing Sins


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