Where Is Wearable Technology Headed in 2016?

Over the last couple of years, there has been a flood of wearable technology — from smart watches to pure activity trackers such as Fitbit. So, what’s likely to happen

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As the World Ages: What Are the Marketing Implications?

People in the United States and around the globe are living longer now than in the past. For example, according to the National Vital Statistics Report, a typical 50-year-old

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Are YOU Ready for the New World of APIs?

Do you know what an API is and how it is/will be transforming technology? To learn about APIs, read on. 🙂

According to software giant CA Technologies:

“Think about

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The Best of Evans on Marketing in 2015

Here the ten most-viewed posts made in 2015 by Evans on Marketing. Please take a look. Thanks.

  1. See How Well You Can Do on This Entertaining Marketing Quiz
  2. For What Career
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