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Are YOU a Gift Splurger?

5 Nov

With the start of the holiday shopping season, companies want to particularly focus on “gift splurgers.” According to Nielsen: “These consumers say they like to shower their loved ones with gifts and see themselves more as spenders rather than savers.”

Based on research by Nielsen, gift splurgers can be segmented by age and gender: The percentage of those 18-34 years of age are much more likely to splurge than any other age group (17% above the average). And females are more likely to splurge than men.


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The Impact of Digital on Shopping Behavior

9 Oct

Although the purchase volume of in-store transactions remains dominant (well over 90 percent of consumer purchases are concluded in a physical store), digital pre-store shopping tools are becoming more and more popular.

Nielsen reports the following based on its research:

“Before they hit the stores, shoppers leverage an array of online resources to give themselves a leg up when they get to the shelves. The most common resources are coupon sites and retailer Web sites. What are they looking for? Deals and trip planning tools.”

“Not all categories are equal when it comes to digital influence. Brands in personal care, infant care, and nutritional categories have the highest pre-store digital engagement levels. Social media plays a big role among these digitally influenced brand purchases, but it’s not the only digital forum that matters.”


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Digital Shopping Stages

What Are Our Favorite Snacks?

8 Oct

With all the media and healthcare community emphasis on healthy eating, how are we doing? For instance, have we turned to healthier snacks?

According to recent research by Nielsen:

“Hungry? The average person reaches for 12 different kinds of snacks in any given month. Why do we snack? That depends on any number of reasons — reasons that differ by gender, generation, and income level.”

“Traditionally indulgent, easy-to-consume snacking staples like chocolate, crackers, ice cream, cookies, and chips dominated sales during the 52-weeks ending June 27, 2015, but the pace of growth is slowing. While sensibly indulgent products with built-in portion control, such as mini pies and mini brownies, have grown by double digits, healthier alternatives have joined the ranks of the most lucrative snacking products. Greek yogurt, fresh cut fruit, and deli dips, such as hummus, combined for more than $6 billion in sales during the 52-weeks ending June 27, 2015. With a combined growth rate of 8.4% over the prior year, it’s clear that consumers are finding ways to satisfy their snacking needs with healthy alternatives.”

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Who Is Today’s Asia Pacific Consumer?

5 Oct

The Asia Pacific regions of the world account for about 60 percent of the global population (compared to less than 5 percent for the United States). However, Asia Pacific countries differ greatly in their population size, demographics, economic emphasis, and more.

First, click the image to see a larger, interactive map of the world from Population Reference Bureau. Then, take a look at the recent video about Asia Pacific consumers from Nielsen.


PRB World Population



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