In this difficult year, firms face bigger challenges in planning for the holiday season. Such as what will be the “hot items”?  How much inventory should be ordered? And whether or not to run more sales than usual. Thus, many companies are already taking on 2020 holiday shopping.

To begin, look at these prior posts on planning for holiday shopping:


Insights About Taking on 2020 Holiday Shopping

Nest, to present some insights on consumer shopping during the 2020 holiday, we cite some excellent research by PowerReviews:

The immense changes in consumer behavior over the past several months have been well documented, with the COVID-19 pandemic changing everyday life beyond recognition. Nowhere else has this been more evident than in consumer trends, with shoppers flocking online at a previously unfathomable rate.

We wanted to see how this will impact consumer behavior this Holiday season — which will be completely different for retailers and brands than previous years. Our report — based on responses from 5,383 active consumers — has been created to provide insight into shopping expectations and preferences during this unique and unprecedented Holiday period.

Let’s highlight four charts by PowerReviews.

Taking on 2020 Holiday Shopping

Taking on 2020 Holiday Shopping

Taking on 2020 Holiday Shopping


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