As a rule, in marketing, applying superior market segmentation strategies represents a key to success. Therefore, when we look at the present and to the future, understanding the US Latin X marketplace is growing in importance.

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Nielsen Research: Understanding the US Latin X Marketplace

Due to the size and influence of the US Latin X, we see greater levels of research. And Nielsen is a leader in this field. It regularly studies understanding the US Latin X marketplace.

To start, we must understand the meaning of Latin X. According to Nielsen:

“Why Latin X? We use the term as a gender-neutral, inclusive alternative to ‘Latino.’ In addition, the decision is a nod toward greater inclusion of women, LGBTQ+, and nonbinary Hispanics. In addition to the popularity of the term in social media and academic writing.”

Generally, Latin X consumers are digitally savvy. Highly social. And also an outsized influence on every aspect of American life. Therefore, businesses today cannot afford to ignore these consumers. Engaging Latin X consumers means grasping an understanding of their aspirations, predispositions, and concerns. All along the he path to purchase. Indeed, marketers who build authentic connections with these consumers, stand to benefit for years to come. Our latest Diverse Intelligence Series report explores what drives the diverse US Latin X population on the path to purchase.”

For highlights, we present some Nielsen data in chart form.

Understanding the US Latin X Marketplace

Understanding the US Latin X Marketplace

Understanding the US Latin X Marketplace

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  1. Actually, the new trend which being revealed in Latin X group is a part of new consuming behavior now are happening in all millennials in this planet. Not only those Latin X group in America but also the new generation consumers in East Asia and Europe. However the most significant trend which business leaders should be aware is: Latin X group consumers a very digital addicted group, so maybe pay more attention on website building especially Spanish language web page and online services are very important to occupied this new land.

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