Although we are in mid-March, marketing strategy preparedness 2021 remains essential. Therefore, we look at various factors involved with readiness.

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Are You Ready — Marketing Strategy Preparedness 2021

Within this post, we cover two topics. The emergent scope of marketing. And strategic planning circa 2021. After perusing our discussion, better marketing preparedness will be possible.

Scope of Marketing

Yes, our blog focuses on marketing and marketers. Nonetheless, laying out the scope of marketing still merits our attention. View it a recap to jog your memory. And to stay on top of things.

As an excellent overview, consider these observations from Guido Bartolacci:

We compiled a list of marketing terms that any marketer should know as we move through 2021. You may already be familiar with some, or even most, of these terms. Since many of them are not new. However, that doesn’t mean they are any less relevant. Here are 67 marketing terms you should know moving forward, divided by category::

Strategic Planning in Marketing

Now, study these recommendations by Ruth Rich with regard to strategic marketing plans in 2021. She writes on behalf of BFT, a marketing consultancy:

While some clients look to get more strategic with their marketing spend in 2021, others still aren’t sure of the direction their plans will take. However, the common theme shows 2021 marketing budgets reduced across the board.

What to consider as you plan for 2021: (1) Lean into digital. (2) Plan in increments. (3) Focus on metrics. Furthermore, choose planning over panicking. It’s said that chance favors the prepared. Having a plan in place, even a loose one, helps you seize the opportunities you see coming and navigate situations you don’t. Staying still and waiting may mean you miss out. 

For further in-depth BFT insights on the preceding, click the image.

Marketing Strategy Preparedness 2021


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