In January 2020, we wrote about the continuing pink tax for women. The result of them paying more than men for very similar products. Today, we should not underestimate women. And their shopping desires — looking to the future.


Looking Ahead: Do Not Underestimate Women

As with our pink tax post, we again turn to Nielsen for current research on marketing to women.

According to Nielsen’s ‘Wise Up to Women:’

“By 2028, women will own 75% of the discretionary spend. Thereby, making them the world’s greatest influencers. Yet, around the world, women shoulder more of the household burdens. Feel less financially secure. And still face serious barriers when it comes to equality. Therefore, our recent research looks at how firms should rethink their approach to marketing, innovation, and designing services for women. In fact, data show that just paying lip service detracts from women. Encourages disloyalty. And causes fatigue.”

Below, look at the brief Nielsen video that provides a good overview on this topic..


Lessons for Marketers: Do Not Underestimate Women

In the following infographic, Nielsen shows five tips for marketers to empower women. Thus, they would not underestimate women.

Lessons for Marketers: Do Not Underestimate Women

If marketers adapt to the lessons above. As well as the tips in the next Nielsen infographic, they would lighten women’s load. Accordingly, they would not underestimate women.

Do Not Underestimate Women


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