Unfortunately, the pink tax still exists. Do YOU know what the pink tax is?

As we wrote three years ago:

Did you know that there are several instances when women pay more than men for the same goods and services? For example, nationwide, many dry cleaners charge a higher fee for a woman’s “blouse” than a man’s “shirt” — even if the items are exactly the same. This practice has become known as the pink tax. We’re at the end of 2016, and this practice is still in effect.


It Is 2020 and the Pink Tax Still Exists

Recently, Nielsen conducted new research on gender inequity in shopping:

There is a male equivalent of the ‘pink tax.’ For women, the pink tax, or gender-based price discrimination on common products and services, is 40%-50% higher than it is for men. Based on estimates by the U.S. government, the Canada Labor Institute and third parties. In some categories, the price difference is as high as 50%-100%.”

Check out the chart below for examples.

The Pink Tax Still Exists


It Is 2020 and Gender Pay Inequity Still Exists

At the same time,  Nielsen research examined gender pay inequity:

“If you’re a woman in North America, the OECD estimates that you make $10,000 less than your male counterparts each year. And you’re charged between $1,300 and $2,135 more for products and services. It’s a gender fine that adds up to about half a million dollars over your lifetime. And that’s if you’re lucky. If you’re college-educated, a professional school graduate, a minority, or a Millennial, experts estimate that your gender fine ranges between $1 and $2 million.”

“So, it’s no wonder that in our recent Wise Up to Women study, we found that 32% of women in North America say they only have enough money for the basics. In fact, the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Gender Gap report estimated that equality won’t be a reality in North America for another 165 years. That’s 57 more years than the global average.”

Look at the chart.

Gender Pay Inequity Still Exists

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