Apple Is the First 2 Trillion Dollar US Company

At the end of March 2020, we discussed the comeback of Microsoft. On March 27, 2020, Microsoft had the lead over Apple for market capitalization: “As of March 27, 2020,

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Microsoft’s Job Skills Initiative

Several firms offer special assistance for workers affected by COVID-19. For example, today we present Microsoft’s  job skills initiative.

To begin, review these articles:

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Microsoft Has Roared Back

Over the last several years, Apple has probably been the most successful and written-about company in the world. For example, as we noted before, 24/7 Wall St. cited the Apple

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How Do YOU Feel About Chatbots?

Now that chatbots have been gaining in popularity, what exactly is a chatbot and what does it do? According to Scott Carey, writing for Techworld:

“Before chatbots, there were

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