It was just last November when we wrote about the value of LinkedIn Stories. Yet, we will soon say goodbye LinkedIn Stories. For the reasons why, read below.


Microsoft to Pull the Plug: Goodbye LinkedIn Stories

As reported by Garett Sloane for Advertising Age:.

LinkedIn is telling advertisers to prepare for the end of its short-lived experiment with Stories, after the ephemeral videos failed to catch on among the professional social media set.

At the end of September, LinkedIn will shut down its Stories feature. LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, copied the video format from apps like Snapchat and Instagram. But, now ii indicates a desire to explore different video styles that would be more appropriate for its business setting. LinkedIn’s move comes weeks after Twitter abandoned its Fleets video format. 

Turns out, LinkedIn users to create lasting videos that tell a professional story in a more personal way and that showcase both your personality and expertise, According to Liz Li, senior director of product at LinkedIn.

The closure of Stories affects two types of advertisers. Brands that planned ad campaigns with images and videos that appear in between Stories. Affecting advertisers that planned to pay to promote their own Stories to LinkedIn users’ feeds.

“Any image or video ads you planned to run in between Stories will instead be shared to the LinkedIn feed,” LinkedIn’s marketing solutions team said in a blog post. “If you promoted or sponsored a Story directly from your Page in Campaign Manager, these paid Stories will not appear in the LinkedIn feed,” the marketing solutions team said. “And they will need to be recreated in Campaign Manager as an image or video ad.”

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Goodbye LinkedIn Stories

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